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Cultural Marxism and the Demoralisation of the Western Spirit

Originally posted December 2017

Cultural Marxism is a negative and demoralising force used to break down the defences of Western Civilisation. It is used to attack our moral defences, our sense of identity, our history and our morale as a people. Those who push it do so because their aim is to sever us from our ancestral roots and to undermine our collective spirit and consiousness as a people. They want to seperate us from each other as a group so that we are more easily destroyed.

If we think of demoralisation in terms of a tactic being used in a military conflict, then all sides will try and demoralise the troops of the enemy by undermining their morale and by sowing seeds of doubt in the success of the armed campaign that the enemy soldiers are engaged in. They would attack the legitimacy and morality of the leadership that they fight for. An example of this would be the dropping of leaflets over enemy positions to psychologically demoralise soldiers in the hope of impacting their effectiveness on the battlefield and to foment mutiny, defection or surrender. The strategy of employing demoralisation as a psychological weapon of war is now being used against Europeans across the Western world in order to deconstruct and destroy us as a group.

To divide and conquer a people without the practical use of force would require the use of demoralisation as a subversive strategy which is most likely the next best way to achieve such a goal. It may take longer to achieve, but is a bloodless way of conquering a people. Once the designated enemy – in this case Western Civilisation and the European people – are psychologically defeated, then the war is won. Europeans are on the verge of absolute psychological capitulation to the scourge of Cultural Marxism, but are not quite yet defeated and there are signs of a renaissance and an awakening to what is happening but there is a long way to go.

If we look at Western nations today and their European populations, what we see is a people debilitated by induced self-hatred and a sense of false guilt which is unreasonable, irrational and extremely unhealthy not only for the individual, but for the group. All of this has been brought about by the enemies of the West who dominate our academic institutions, our media, film industry and politics. Without this level of toxic influence over the people of the West, then they would not have been able to do so much damage with so little opposition.

The people of Europe have been coerced into seeing their interests not as a group, but as individuals obsessed by materialism whereas non-European groups and other so-called minority (grievance) groups are encouraged to pursue their interests as groups. Muslims, blacks, Jews, homosexuals, feminists and any other group that can be used against the West are defined by their identity and their specific gripe against the West is seized upon as a tool of deconstruction by those who empower them.

A demoralised people are unable to defend their identity, culture, heritage and are unable to protect and secure the future for their children and future generations. A people assured of who they are and aware of the importance of maintaining their identity and culture would never be so passive and uncaring about the erosion of their identity and culture. They would move swiftly to deal with any malevolent agenda that threatened them. To counter this natural reaction to a hostile agenda, the establishment presents multiculturalism and diversity for example as a positive, as a strength, as enriching and all avenues of influence over the public reinforce this deception.

To bring about our psychological demoralisation people are bombarded with guilt inducing propaganda about slavery, colonialism, the holocaust and anything else that can be used to make Europeans feel unecessary shame and guilt. The goal of this propaganda is to make Europeans believe that any notion of having interests as a group is immoral and wrong. We are to believe that our displacement is not only ‘beneficial,’ but that we are somehow deserving of it because of ‘what our ancestors did’ despite the fact that ALL people throughout history have been guilty of wrongdoing.

An example of this is the total demoralisation of the German people after WW2 which has led to many Germans today supporting the demographic and cultural transformation of their country. They wrongly believe that they are deserving of it because the victors of WW2 and those who have occupied Germany ever since right up to the present day, have created this image of Germany that is not historically accurate. Germany has been made into the devil of all nations and through incessant propaganda and demoralisation the German people are now full of shame and guilt and no counter narrative of German history is allowed. The depiction of German history is even protected by law.

Images of German women holding up placards proclaiming ‘refugees welcome’ and clapping and cheering as Merkel opened up the borders to over 1 million people is a sad reflection of the collective mental state of many Germans today who seem to revel in their own destruction and is something now commonplace across the Western world.

The most devastating consequence of demoralising a nation and people is the effect it has on morale. Self-confidence is key to the survival of a group, without it the group is suceptible to negative ideas being disseminated by those who wish the group psychological harm. Once those negative ideas take root then it is difficult to remedy the damage caused. An example of this is the idea Europeans are somehow responsible for all of the worlds ills and are uniquely guilty of oppression, slavery etc as stated earlier. Every new generation of European youth are filled with this poison through the education system from a very young age right through to university which leads to a severe lack of self-confidence, and antipathy towards their own ancestors and history.

Through this assault on the collective morale of Europeans, there is now a pervasive apathy that is adding fuel to the anti-Western anti-European agenda. Our mass apathy is indeed our consent for them to continue doing what they are doing but that mass apathy only comes about through sustained demoralisation propaganda.

One way in which to reverse this is to push positive messages about our ancestors and our history, to push alternative historical narratives, to reinvigorate our people and re-instill a lost pride and sense of identity. Of course it is difficult when the control of our major institutions are in the hands of those who wish us harm as a group, however with alternative media we can all make inroads which will sow the seed that will grow.