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We as an online group exist to introduce people to information and views that are not available or allowed in the mainstream. We do not advocate people making threats of violence or any other kind of intimidation towards individuals and groups. We encourage people to debate the issues we post about, but we repeatedly ask for people not to use threats of violence or to target individuals. We are not a street movement nor do we intend to become one. We encourage people to think about things differently and to be open minded when reading anything posted on this page.

I do not consider anything we post about to be illegal, we simply post non-conformative and alternative information via an alternative media source. We encourage people to comment, but also encourage them to use restraint when commenting and not to comment with anything that puts them in trouble or jeopardises the site.

If the ‘powers that be’ ever decided that what we do is somehow ‘illegal,’ then it merely proves that freedom of speech is well and truly dead in the world we live in. It would also be a vindication of what we have said from day one.

We post our own thoughts about both historical and recent events and any links we post are readily available online from numerous sources.

We are not responsible for peoples individual comments, we try and monitor all comments made which isn’t always possible. People should take responsibility for their own comments and their content when contributing to this site.

We are not affiliated to any other group whether it be a political party or street protest group. Our numerous admins will no doubt support certain groups, but that in no way means that this site is linked with them.

We do not support the current political system and the traitors that occupy it. We do not conform to the politically correct bury your head in the sand mentality. We oppose the Usurious banking scam that financially enslaves individuals and nations and which buys and sells politicians who destroy our nations in the process. We oppose mass immigration and the ‘diversity’ deception. We oppose the indoctrination imposed upon our people via the enemy occupied institutions of media, education and entertainment.

We believe that White Europeans have a moral obligation to stand up for their own people and their nations and to oppose this Genocidal system which is destroying us all.

We advocate White interests, we advocate Whites exerting those interests and rejecting this state enforced multicultural madness.

What we stand for was perfectly stated by Sir Oswald Mosley when he said:

“We are fighting for nothing less than a revolution in the spirit of our people.”

Th revolution in the spirit of our people does not involve violence or intimidation, that is something employed by the left and the state sponsored foot soldiers wearing blue. Our revolution is a revolution of the mind, we seek to awaken our people to their own legitimate interests and to identify the enemies of our people and culture. We want to make people aware of the origins and aims of Cultural Marxism, its tactics and strategies, so that they are better prepared to oppose them.

Our views may be ‘offensive’ to some, but the truth can sometimes be offensive if that truth exposes something that the enemies of our people would rather keep hidden. If you don’t agree with what we say then we encourage you to leave the site. The freedom to think differently is a freedom that should be preserved and not criminalised. To ban a different point of view is to validate it.

The truth is like rampaging water, it knows no boundaries. It will always find a way. What must be safeguarded is the freedom to speak that truth, no matter how uncomfortable it might be. The very existence of our people depends on it.