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Embrace Nationalist Populism

Originally posted 25th June 2018

Nationalists are often said to be pushing a populist message, and those saying this, do so in a way that makes populism seem like a bad thing. Populism is indeed a bad thing, for the corrupt political and financial establishment.

What does populism mean?

‘At its root, populism is a belief in the power of regular people, and in their right to have control over their government rather than a small group of political insiders or a wealthy elite. The word populism comes from the Latin word for “people,” populus.’

Populism is the rise of the controlled masses against their corrupt leaders. It is anti-establishment and speaks truth to power. Nationalist Populism is anti agenda driven pseudo-academia that attacks our race nation and culture incessantly through our educational institutions. Nationalist Populism is anti Cultural Marxism (anti Political Correctness) and stands up for the native people of the nation that are being targeted for demographic replacement via mass immigration under the false banner of ‘diversity.’ Nationalist Populism champions the white working class underdog who as the world’s true racial minority is having to compete with the world’s majority racial populations not just for space as a result of mass immigration and the transformation of their communities, but also in employment, housing, healthcare, education etc. This is also happening as result of the outsourcing of jobs to the third-world by profit obsessed corporations who are advancing the goals of nation destroying Globalism.

Populism is what drove the British people to vote to leave the EU, populism is what drove white Americans to overwhelmingly vote for Donald Trump, populism is what is leading Europeans to vote for their own interests in ever increasing numbers across Europe. Nationalist Populism is what truly threatens the hegemony of the Globalist power structure that dominates media banking and politics.

Nationalist Populism is an entirely natural expression of ideas that advocate and champion self-preservation and self-determination. All living things live by surviving not only as individuals, but as groups, it is what allows us to exist. It is what allows the different species to perpetuate their own kind. If we endanger our own safety or allow conditions to arise that threaten our very existence then this is entirely unnatural and will lead to our downfall as it would any other living group in the natural environment.

Nationalist Populism is a result of the manifestation of a clearly identifiable threat that lives among us. All living things react instinctively to danger, all living things pursue the path of collective safety for the group. In the case of Nationalist Populism, Europeans are understanding that only Nationalism will advocate their interests as a group, they are beginning to realise that the Globalist establishment is working against their best interests as Europeans. They acknowledge that the future is secured only through a thorough rejection of forced multiculturalism which is brought about ONLY as a way in which to deconstruct European homogeneity within European and Western nations in the interests of a hostile elite and their ‘anti-racist’ useful idiots.

A multitude of strategies are employed by the hostile elite that control Western nations in order to thwart the rise of entirely natural Nationalistic feelings among the general population. The main strategy employed is the total transmogrification of the racial and cultural identity of Europe which will lead to Europeans becoming the minority in their own nations. This dilution and replacement of the European is designed to prevent the rise of a genuine opposition to the Globalist power structure that is engineering the downfall of nations, wars and perpetual debt slavery.

Populism is the will of the people, it is what the hostile elite fears. It is the awakening of the European spirit within the European people. This is the reason the hostile elite attempts to demonise populism by labelling it ‘dangerous.’

If you want to advocate the best interests of your people, nation and family then you will be called a populist because you reject the false message and worldview of the treacherous politicians and their financial handlers. Populism is going against the grain, populism is Non-conformist. Populism is identifying corruption and treason, populism is acknowledging that your country is on a disastrous path that the leaders of European nations are leading us down.

To be a Nationalist Populist is to be a true radical desiring real change in the best interests of the nation, its people, and ones own family. When somebody labels you a populist, thank them, and explain exactly why it isn’t such a bad thing at all.

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