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Harness your anger and frustration constructively

I’m sure most of you have by now seen the footage of what happened on a train in London in which a white man named Billy Steele was sucker punched unconscious by a black male. The incident was the culmination of what appeared to be a drunken or drug fuelled rant in which he repeatedly spoke in negative terms towards a group of 3 young black men.

My aim with this article is to give a little advice to people who may be feeling angry at what is happening in Britain and who feel like lashing out or getting into heated arguments and situations with lefties or non-whites. The advice is simple. Don’t do it.

The rant Billy Steele was on was incoherent and irrational however it was probably a result of his own anger and frustration at what has been done to the capital of his country. The way he went about expressing that anger and frustration did little to help himself or the message that Nationalism is trying to put out.

It is understandable that whites in London as in othe parts of the country are outraged and feel like sounding off especially when intoxicated. However it is never a wise move to be in a vulnerable situation like that leaving yourself open to being seriously hurt. There are other ways in which legitimate anger can be expressed which will resonate with our people, but gobbing off on a train and living up to the stereotype presented by the left is never going to end well. Please do not engage in the sort of behaviour displayed by Mr Steele. Not only could a moment of madness seriously impact your life, it does no good in terms of trying to articulate a legitimate message to the people of the UK. Things are hard enough as it is trying to win over the hearts and minds of our people without drunken idiocy setting us back.

A few more points I’d like to make regarding this incident. The amount of whites revelling in this and championing the actions of the assault as being a justified and righteous attack upon a ‘racist’ is a perfect example of how psychologically debased many of them are. Rather than analysing the bigger picture and being angry at the circumstances that lead to someone acting like that, they would rather laugh and mock him. For me he was stupid, he acted crassly, aggressively and without thought, however what has led him to feel angry and frustrated is something which Nationalists should understand and for those whites laughing at him now for his stupid behaviour, just be careful that one day you aren’t set upon by those you now defend.

You see those people on the left and the not so bright whites who are devoid of any racial consciousness are very quiet when innocent whites are viciously assaulted by blacks. I’ve seen hundreds of videos of whites being brutally assaulted by these gangs especially in America and yet I don’t hear a single utterance of condemnation from those laughing now.

There is a well known and well documented game in America called ‘The Knockout Game’ which entails black gangs targeting lone and unsuspecting white people. In a flash one of the gang throws a punch at the white person with the intention of knocking them unconscious. As usual the media hardly ever reports on it and if they do there is no racial aspect mentioned even though the overwhelming majority of victims are white and the overwhelming majority of perpetrators are black. There is no outrage from the left and from the virtue signallers who now say that Billy Steele deserved what he got because he was a ‘racist.’ They’re nowhere to be seen. It’s a case of white man talking crap on a train knocked unconscious = good but innocent white walking down the street knocked unconscious by black gang = ignore say nothing deny all knowledge.

If you are the parent of a young white son now then I implore you to teach your son to be wise, articulate and careful as they grow into young white men. This society is now a dangerous place for anyone who dares to adopt a pro-white anti-immigration stance. The best way for our people to wake up to their own interests as a group is not through what happened on that train, but through rational, intelligent and appealing logic.

Don’t ever let things get to you to the extent that you put yourself in a vulnerable situation in which you could be seriously hurt or worse end up dead. Harness your frustration constructively. Write a blog, do a video do research or do some other form of activism which benefits the overall goal of achieving a reinvigorated group consciousness amongst our people.