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Is Immigration an Invasion?

Many people make reference to mass immigration as being an invasion, but is it an accurate term for what is happening?

In my view it is an entirely legitimate term to describe what is occurring in nations all across the Western world and I will put forward my reasoning for that in this essay.

An invasion is a deliberate act of aggression upon the territory of another country and people. For example, the Iraq war was an act of aggression by a number of nations against Iraq using organised military force. It was planned and implemented by the leaders of those nations with the objective of militarily removing Saddam Hussein from power.

The justification for military action against Iraq was based upon a narrative which centred around the supposed possession of by Saddam Hussein of weapons of mass destruction or WMD for short. Therefore this intentional act of military aggression against another country was predicated upon the idea that Iraq had stockpiles of weapons that could lead to mass casualties in the West and more importantly as far as the lying media were concerned, could have targeted Israel.

No WMD were ever found and it has been shown that this narrative was based on lies and deciept in order to wage the war that they wanted which would achieve other not so well known objectives which would secure the geographical and military hegemony of Israel in the Middle East region.

What does any of that have to do with mass immigration being an invasion?

In terms of mass immigration the intentionality of it is key to understanding the real motivations behind it just as the false positives attributed to it are important to understanding the malevolent intent behind its implementation into our lands. Just as the Iraq war was an invasion based on lies to achieve certain objectives so too has mass immigration been an invasion based on lies to achieve certain objectives.

We were told that the war in Iraq was necessary to protect us from a crazed tyrant who had these catastrophic weapons which he would unleash upon us with no hesitation and which would wreak havoc within 45 minutes upon our countries. The powers that be played upon the fears of the masses to obtain widespread support for their actions.

With immigration they also use clever but devious manipulation and outright lies to psychologically coerce the public into supporting the enactment of policies which will lead to our eventual demographic replacement. They tell us that mass immigration is a benefit. They tell us it is enriching and that diversity is a strength. None of which are true, but which the easily led masses fall for unquestioningly. We are told that mass immigration is necessary due to a declining birthrate and that it is the only way in which our economies can survive and our pensions can be paid etc. Again, none of this is true it is simply a convenient excuse for the continuing mass entry into our lands of incompatible people and cultures under the false guise of economic necessity and cultural/racial enrichment.

So just as they lied about the necessity of war in Iraq to achieve their objectives, they lied about the necessity of mass immigration also to achieve their objectives. In both instances the Globalist power structure appealed to the fears of the masses and led them to believe that the actions of their elected leaders were in their best interests when they were anything but.

In essence, the Globalist power structure employs aggressive acts of conquest through lies and manipulation. Mass immigration is the facilitated invasion of the West by a hostile elite that clearly understands the consequences both in the long term and short term of their actions. What we are seeing is the direction of our destiny in the hands of this hostile elite who use mass replacement levels of immigration as a tool of conquest through ‘peaceful’ invasion. They then skillfully manipulate the public through the media to see no problems with the changing nature of their societies despite the blatantly obvious problems that are occurring.

It is this intentionality of it that makes the term ‘invasion’ a legitimate term to be used to describe what is happening across the West. It distinguishes it from the rather naive idea that what is happening across the West is somehow unplanned or an unintended accident or blunder when the intent is clear for anyone paying attention to see. Nobody does this to their own country by accident and on such a scale across so many countries. It is planned, it is intended and it is an invasion.

People can apply whatever term they like to describe what is happening, however I think trying to push the idea that this isn’t an invasion is a little naive. Those who are the often unseen hidden hand of power are using mass immigration as a hostile invasive force with the intention of destroying our identity and our culture. It is strategic engineered immigration as a weapon of war.

In nature we have the phenomenon of what’s termed an ‘invasive species’ which is the mass movement of a species to a specific location, and that has a tendency to spread to a degree believed to cause damage to the environment, human economy and/or human health. In terms of mass immigration, the mass movement of different groups to Western nations has an adverse effect culturally, socially and demographically. The forced proximity of different groups leads to increased tension and the inevitability of conflict. It leads to displacement and replacement just as the presence of an invasive species in nature results in displacement and replacement.

Over time the mass influx of different peoples and cultures leads not only to a drastic demographic transformation, but also cultural conversion. The fact of the matter is that different demographics create different cultures. You only have to look around the world to see the vastly divergent cultures, behaviours, values and moral norms. When you bring people from other parts of the world they bring their culture with them and their innate and peculiar behaviours. When they reach certain percentages of the population then they implement their own cultural practices. It is a complete and utter myth that these people embrace and become part of the host culture.

What are the objectives of mass immigration imposed by the hostile elite?

The objectives of imposed mass immigration are to reduce whites to a minority in our own homelands so that we are unable to challenge the hostile elite which dictates our national, cultural, racial and civilisational direction. Whites as a cohesive and racially conscious group represent the only capable threat to Globalist tyranny. Whites are also despised by this alien and hostile elite who see our displacement and the ruination of our identity and civilisation as being revenge for historical manifestations of animosity towards them which they would have you believe had no motivating factor rooted in their own antagonistic behaviour. Essentially mass immigration and the consequences of it are seen as revenge for the alleged wrongdoings of the past and to render to the point of impotencey the people of European descent around the world.

The Cultural Marxists also see mass immigration and immigrants as being agents of revolutionary change. They know they can’t achieve ideological success with the white working class (who they see as being devoid of class consciousness) via the ballot box and so have set upon a path which seeks to use non-whites instilled with historical grudges as a revolutionary force against society. They have militarised mass immigration for their own anti-Western crusade with the intention of using it to aid in the downfall of the West. Again, that the left use immigrants in this way to attack society is another example of the legitimacy of the term invasion. They’re seen as being an invasive force with the ability to attack the foundations of the West.

Migrants as willing pawns and invaders.

The millions of non-European immigrants who have come to Western nations post-WW2 as a result of intentional political policy and their descendants now also resident in the West, don’t necessarily see their presence as being part of invasion as such, but they understand perfectly well that they are well on course to displacing the native populations of Western nations and so are complicit in the hostile elite inspired invasion. It is the hostile elite that uses them as an invasive force intended to bring about demographic and cultural deconstruction. As the immigrant descended population grows and grows they certainly do become more militant in their opposition to the host population whenever the host population begins to assert their own interests as a group and they do so violently under the auspices and direction of the far-left. Immigrant descended populations and the far-left work collaboratively against the genuine and legitimate interests of the host population and do the bidding of the Globalist elite they claim to oppose.

They are never going to acknowledge what is happening to the host population, it isn’t in their own group interests to acknowledge or disagree with the clear and obvious demographic replacement taking place. They’re always going to oppose any manifestation of white in-group consciousness because it would present a threat to their continued presence in our nations. They see what we see make no mistake about it. They see the changing nature of our towns and cities and they quietly champion this transformation as they label any opposition to it as being ‘racism’ and will engage in violent activity to silence those who do seek to inform the native population about what is unfolding.

We have seen this numerous times with the Muslim population aligning themselves with the violent far-left Antifa. This physical resistance to the attempts to instill an in-group consciousness amongst whites also constitutes what could be described as an invasion. In military terms the invading and occupying force would seek to put down any attempts at a resistance among the invaded population, this is exactly the same as how the left use the immigrant descended population.

Mass immigration is an invasion because those who implement and it facilitate it see it as an invasion and they do it with malicious intent. They use mendacious slogans to portray it in positive terms when the real intent is to demographically and culturally sabotage our civilisation. It is an invasion because once here, immigrant descended populations form into militant organisations that physically prevent the host population from organising and physically ‘defend’ the areas they have taken over whereas if whites were to do this it would be classed as being racism. Examples of this have been seen in France, Sweden, Germany, Holland and the UK where immigrant communities consolidated in a particular area of any given city have created no-go zones which are almost impossible to police and which are extremely hostile and intimidating places for members of the host population to venture into.

Mass Rape and Conquest

One horrific manifestation of an invading force is usually the targeting of the women of the host population. We have many examples of invading forces using rape as a weapon of war to destroy the spirit of the nation. We have seen this in Africa over recent decades but quite possibly the most shocking example was the mass rape and murder of German women at the hands of the invading Communist hordes at the end of WW2. It is estimated that some 2 million German women and children were raped in the aftermath of WW2 from the ages of 8 to 88 such was the utter barbarity of the blood thirsty Soviets.

There was also an intentional plot to ‘Breed out’ the Germans after the war. Ernest Hooton in an article headlined “Breed War Strain Out of Germans” said that “The objects of this measure, include reduction of the birthrate of ‘pure’ Germans, neutralization of German aggressiveness by outbreeding and denationalization of indoctrinated individuals.”

So as you can see, it is not uncommon for invading and occupying forces to use rape and sexual coercion once embedded into the land of a conquered people.

In the UK we have witnessed the widespread employment of grooming as a tool of Jihad against young white girls at the hands of predominantly Muslim gangs. This has been from one end of the country to the other with tens of thousands of victims suffering horrendous sexual assault, rape, torture and even murder at the hands of these gangs. As usual the media and the left seek to cover this up as do the police and local councils, but a great many people are now aware of what has been happening for decades under their very noses and are rightly outraged that this has been allowed to happen and to be covered up.

Again, this is a clear example of how hostile invasive groups weaponise sex to demoralise, humilate and exert their dominance over a group of people.

There are many ways in which an invasion can take place. It doesn’t have to be an armed military conquest of another country. It can be the mass hostile entry into another land by people not from that land via illegal migration. It can be an invasion in which an out-group sabotages your country from within allowing the floodgates to be opened in what’s laughably called ‘legal migration.’ It isn’t a fixed term with a set definition.

The most important factor in determining whether mass immigration into the West is an invasion is the intentionality of it and in no way has the drastic demographic shift we have seen in the West been an accident. It is wholly intentional and is malevolent in its imposition. Unless the people of the West wake up to this fact and usurp the Globalist power structure implementing this invasion, then we will continue to see our demographic destiny slip from our grasp as the demographic scales dip in the favour of the ‘new Europeans.’