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Left Wing Media Condones Violence

‘The uncomfortable truth is that, sometimes, violence is the only answer left.’ said Guardian journalist Arwa Mahdawi

Oh really? Would this far-left journalist apply this logic to a situation in which the white community resorted to violence due to the clear and obvious anti-white agenda that is pervasive across the Western world?

Would she be so quick to justify violence had the white community in Rotherham and in other towns and cities in the UK had decided that the only way to be heard was to rampage through their communities burning looting and attacking Muslims?

Would she be so dismissive of violence if whites across America collectively decided that enough was enough because they were not being heard when speaking about the horrendous levels of black on white crime?

Of course she wouldn’t. She would be totally outraged if any of these things had happened and would be bemoaning the evils of white racism which she would say needs to be tackled. She would be calling for arrests, imprisonment and the banning of any group that were involved. Not so with the openly anti-Western anti-white Black Lives Matter movement. In their case violence is justified so it would seem.

What her article should have said was that violence is okay in the pursuit of your interests if you aren’t white.

If any group of people across the West had a righteous justification to be angry at governmental policy and Globalism then it is the white population who are systematically being demographically replaced, denigrated as a group and having their ancestors, culture and very existence besmirched by a Cultural Marxist system that dominates all Western institutions working towards our collective demise.

The blatant distinction to be made between non-whites and whites in the West, is that non-whites are being empowered whilst whites are being disempowered. Non-whites are being enabled to demographically displace us whilst whites are being criminalised for opposing it.

We do not live in a ‘white supremacist’ society in which whites receive preferential treatment. The entire Globalist system which dominates Western nations is geared towards engineering whites into a minority. There is no ‘white power structure’ there is only an anti-white power structure.

We would never condone or encourage violence except in self-defence. It devalues and discredits the message of blatant truth in regard to what is happening across the West and gives the enemies of the West the opportunity they seek to portray Nationalism in the way they desire. It is also never justifiable to hurt innocent people it goes against every principle of decency and honour. We do however have a right to be angry, but unlike the non-Europeans brought to our homelands to be used as a militant force against us, we can express our anger in a more constructive way which doesn’t involve destroying our own communities and hurting innocent people. This is what sets us apart from the foot soldiers of Globalism.