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Militant Cultural Marxism

What we are witnessing in America, the UK, France, Sweden and other places where widespread civil unrest and social disorder has repeatedly broken out in immigrant areas and on protests in which immigrants are involved, is the rise of a militant Cultural Marxism.

Cultural Marxists and their imported revolutionary immigrant army are now attempting to bring down the social infrastructure of nations in the hope that they can collapse society in their own ideological interests. The defunding of the police being one such example. The violent targeting of statues and the physical attacks on ideological dissenters has now reached the stage where the Cultural Marxist revolution can no longer be considered merely a non-violent subversive long-march through the institutions. That phase of their war on the West is complete, they already have hegemonic control of the academic institutions, the television, the film industry and the judiciary etc. Now they have moved onto the next phase which is their aggressive assertion of their goals and objectives which has resulted in anarchistic chaos and violence which comes under the banner of a wholly Cultural Marxist organisation called Black Lives Matter.

This current outbreak of leftist mob violence could be the last throw of the dice for the left who now understand that despite their control over all avenues of psychological influence over the public, that a great many of the public refuse to be controlled by the political correctness of the left any longer and refuse to aqcuiesce and kowtow to their fiendish demands and in many cases are standing up to the left not just intellectually but physically in self-defense.

The election of Donald Trump and the Brexit result in the UK highlighted to the left that slowly but surely the general public are shifting away from institutionalised Cultural Marxist dogma and are now embracing more Nationalistic principles and ideas. This has led to the left becoming increasingly violent.

The pandemonium and lawlessness which we have seen in areas of cities with large immigrant and immigrant descended populations should be a warning to all. Not only have we seen violent crime spiralling out of control in places like London in the UK and Chicago in the US to name but a few cities. We have also seen horrific examples of racially motivated mass sexual violence in towns and cities across Europe most notably in the UK with the Islamic grooming gangs.

This is all a consequence of the lefts desire to destroy the West. They’re the fifth columnists using the immigrants as a tool with which to foment societal collapse. They throw fuel onto the fire in order to create a raging inferno. They thrive off of anarchy and disorder which is their only road to achieving their aims. A society which is cohesive, homogenous and sure of itself would never embrace the lefts destructive ideas hence the reason the left advocates for open borders knowing full well that the volatile mix of different people’s and cultures serves their agenda.