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Society is a Swamp in which we all swim


‘the cherishing or pursuit of high or noble principles, purposes, goals, etc.’

Nationalism preaches the virtues of idealism as being the primary conceptual paragon to strive towards and it does so with good reason. In a society riddled with Cultural Marxism and its nefarious influences it is difficult to imagine a society in which Nationalist ideals can prevail. However that should never stop us from encouraging people to try and live by the ideals inherent in Nationalism.

A big mistake that is made by many Nationalists is to judge people by past actions, associations and beliefs. Everyone has that ‘redpill’ moment when the penny drops, the light comes on and they see the world in an entirely new way. None of us can claim to have been the perfect Nationalist at any time in our lives. We are all victims of the poison that Cultural Marxism pushes and infects us with. The society we live in, grew up in and which we have had to contend with as we morphed from child into adult is a society designed to corrupt us physically, psychologically and morally and it is with great ease that it achieves this.

One of the core ideals of Nationalism is the endeavour to better oneself spiritually, mentally and physically. Strong in body strong in mind. We extol the virtues of Nationalism as being the lofty pinnacle of human existence. It is this worldview that has been utterly corrupted and poisoned. We live in a society beset with rampant hedonism, the selfish pursuit of pleasure, degeneracy and moral debasement. Our culture is now one of rampant decadence promoted by our cultural institutions as being liberation from repression. We live in an era of flagrant nihilism in which people care nothing for the long-term consequences of their actions or inaction today.

None of us is immune to this. We all have to deal with it and tread through the swamp carefully so as not to completely emerge ourselves in it succumbing to its desire to suck us in until we can no longer get out. We have to traverse through a myriad of obstacles intended to bring us down. It is the getting back up that is the most important thing and a vital component of the Nationalist character.

One of the most encouraging signs for me as a Nationalist would be to see how someone has turned their life around and who has taken that journey of self-betterment and who as seen a better way for themselves to live. Someone who has lived through the worst of what our culture has become, and who now strives for a cultural renaissance having reinvigorated their own life from one of going nowhere to one with high ideals and goals. We should always strive to welcome those who have overcome the poisonous society in which we all live.

“If I am asked to define our ideal in a few words, it is that of a noble race, attaining the highest possible standards of character, health, strength & beauty, living in a land cleansed of disease, dirt, ugliness & degeneracy & in complete harmony with the natural order.” – John Tyndall

Anyone of us can fall on hard times, anyone of us can have moments of weakness. We can all learn from adversity and turn experience into the greatest and most invaluable advice for others and especially for our future generations.

If anything this brief write up is intended to make people realise that no matter what life you have led up until now it should not deter you from striving for a better you and that you can always leave behind the swamp and embrace Nationalism which will give you something great, righteous and necessary to work towards. The revolution begins within each and everyone of us.

‘If a man have not order within him
He can not spread order about him.’

– Ezra Pound