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The Natural Rise of Nationalism

The natural and inevitable rise of Nationalism across Europe and the West is the logical conclusion to decades of racial, cultural and moral atrophy at the hands of a parasitical and pestilent Globalist elite and the Cultural Marxists who are both hellbent on destroying us as a people and civilisation.

The left often bemoan the rise of Nationalism as if it’s just some spontaneous manifestation of foaming at the mouth irrational hatred with no causation. They couldn’t possibly conceive of the idea that Nationalism has found fertile ground in the West because it is the natural response to decades of unnatural politics which are destroying the nation state and our racial and cultural identities. They seem utterly incapable either through sheer ignorance, or through an intentional ignoring of the facts, of comprehending the reasons why people across the Western world are turning in their droves to Nationalism.

They speak of Nationalism in exaggerated terms that would lead one to think of some looming perilous danger that threatens Europe and the West when the reality of the situation is that it is their very own nihilistic worldview and the policies which have been brought down upon us as a result of it which threatens Europe and the West. The looming spectre of societal collapse and conflict is not a product of Nationalism. Nationalists didn’t enact the policies that have led to this situation, we merely warned about the dangers of those policies and the consequences of ignoring them.

Europe is indeed entering troubled and dangerous times. However that isn’t the fault of Nationalism, how could it be? Yet the Globalists and the Cultural Marxists never tire of trying to pin the blame on Nationalism for causing divisions within society when those divisions are a direct consequence of their own enacted policies. The fractured society we live in today has been wholly created by the internationalist fifth columnists, the Globalists and the Cultural Marxists. They are the poison and Nationalism is the cure. They alone are responsible for the powder keg that Western nations are today. The responsibility for any future conflict between groups will rest entirely with the Globalists and the Cultural Marxists.

What is deeply disturbing is not that Nationalism is now starting to emerge as a viable alternative to people, but that it took so long for them to start waking up to that fact. What really imperils the West is the crazed nihilism and utterly foolish worldview of the left who are devoid of any understanding of nature or of human tribalism. It is they who have stoked the fires of racial tension and conflict with their pursuit of a world that does not and cannot exist. On their shoulders will the impending chaos and anarchy rest.

Nationalism has a significant presence across Europe because it is the only ideological explanation that makes sense to many people. It is the only ideological narrative that resonates with them. They listen to what Nationalists are saying and then see the visual reality of it on their streets. Nationalism then becomes the ideology of truth and common sense because the normal everyday member of the public can see with their own eyes what Nationalists are telling them. Of course the left hate this reality and will stop at nothing to try and downplay the rising significance of Nationalism and will do everything possible to silence debate and free speech. They will try and invalidate Nationalist arguments with emotive accusations of racism and hatred, but people are increasingly seeing through this strategy and are beginning to think for themselves rather than having their views formed for them by the left. The propaganda they use is losing its potency. The labels they ascribe to people they disagree with are becoming increasingly irrelevant and meaningless.

When a population in any nation begins to see the ramifications of uncontrolled mass immigration and the devastating impact it has upon their lives, their nations and society then it is only natural that they find the truth telling of Nationalism to be appealing. Nationalism rises parallel to Globalist and leftist treachery and the blatant ideological assaults upon the very existence, history and future of the people of Europe. Nationalism is the natural position for any group of people to adopt when they face an uncertain demographic future.

What really makes me pity the left more than anything, is their inability to see the world for how it is rather than how they would like it to be. We would all love to live in a world of peace and tranquility but unfortunately that isn’t how nature works and so we have to work with nature in the interests of everyone rather than work against nature for a utopia that never will be and the pursuit of which will only lead to widespread suffering.

The left really are so gullible as to believe that European nations becoming minority white is a good thing or at the very least something not to be concerned about even though the problems we experiencing are significant when we are still the vast majority. What will the situation be like when we do become the minority?

The left point at Nationalism and try to make correlations to their interpretation and representation of the Third-Reich and the alleged ‘horrors of nazism.’ They want the public to be in perpetual fear of the Nationalist message through exaggerated references to the past whilst failing to mention that more people have died and suffered under the banner of equality than have ever died under the banner of Nationalism. They hope to annul the Nationalist message through outright lies and psychological manipulation of the public.

Nationalism in Europe working together cooperatively would bring about some semblance of order to a continent on the brink. No longer would Globalists be able to run amok destroying our nations. No longer would Cultural Marxism be allowed to poison the well of our cultural and racial heritage.

Does anyone really believe that if the genocidal policies of the Globalists and the Cultural Marxists were to continue unabated for the next few decades and if their dystopian vision for our future was to get closer year on year that Europe and the West would be somehow represent a beacon of peaceful co-existence? Do people really believe that the forcing together of widely divergent groups will lead to the creation of an amiable society?

The adherents of Nationalism are everyday people who have the ability to discern for themselves facts from fiction and myth from reality. They are immune from the false propaganda propagated by the Globalist media and they see right through the lies of the left. They also see the dangers that lie ahead and warn against the mass inertia and inaction that will take us there. They see the cultural rot and the demographic catastrophe that awaits us and understand that none of it is in our best interests.

Nationalism is not a ‘pressing global problem’ it is the solution to Globalism which is a pressing global problem. Nationalism is the reaction to the situation not the cause of it. When people feel threatened, betrayed and can see the apocolyptic future being created for them then they embrace the only ideology that seeks to prevent that future from materialising. They put their faith and trust in those who tell them the truth and turn their backs on the traitors liars and thieves who constitute the so-called ‘democratic system.’

Nationalism is the organic reaction to the poisoning of society with depraved degeneracy and the implementation of demographic replacement by our elected leaders. If Nationalism had not risen across the West it would be surprising, but what is surprising, is that it is still not at the level required to implement meaningful change. Yet.

“In the simplest terms, nationalism is no more than team spirit. Just as the school, the firm, the regiment and the rugby XV need, each in its own way, to be infused with a pride of identity and a desire to win so must nations, if they are to be effective forces for the furtherance of their own interests and for their survival in the world, be galvanised by the same vital forces. Such a doctrine will of course be anathema to the ‘liberal’ and left-wing intellectual…”

– John Tyndall