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The Scourge of Civic Patriotism

Laura Towler of Patriotic Alternative recently debated the rather distasteful ‘Rikki’ from the civpat group ‘British Lives Matter.’ First off, I’d like to say well done to Laura for her excellent performance and for keeping cool, calm and collected whilst having to listen to some of the bile spewed out by her opposition who repeatedly invoked Godwin’s Law to try and gain the upper hand in the debate which is a sure sign of the weakness of their argument. Laura used logic and reason which when aligned with calmness and a total belief in the message cannot be argued against hence the need for constant references to Hitler ‘the nazis’ and ‘the holocaust.’

Ethno-Nationalism is a message of truth whereas civic patriotism (no longer will I attach the word Nationalism to their message) is a defeatist nihilistic expression of a Globalist controlled agenda pushing multiracialism and which denies the very existence of distinct ethnic groups and races but only if those groups are white. You see the civpats argue the case for blacks, Asians and especially Jews, but want to deny you as a white person your identity and right to self-determination and a homeland. As a white person in a historically white nation you have less rights as far as a civpat group like ‘British Lives Matter’ are concerned than those who are not native to the land. You can be black British, Asian British or Jewish, but mere mention of the term white has them kvetching like never before as they deny race and your right as a white person to live in a majority white homeland.

There is nothing Nationalist about their message, it is entirely a left wing narrative dressed up in patriotism to mislead and manipulate the native people of the UK into meekly accepting their future minority status. It is a message devoid of what true diversity is, which is rooted in identity. There is no ‘diversity’ if we are all the same and our identity is meaningless.

The Nationalist message is quite simple. British people can be defined as follows:

Civically British: Anyone born in Britain who has British citizenship and a passport. This applies to anyone regardless of racial identity.

Ethnically British: those people descended from the ancient peoples of these Islands who were from North West Europe. This includes the English, Scottish, Irish and Welsh. The British people are descended from the Celts, the Vikings the Saxons the Jutes and are a distinctly racially European group. We wouldn’t deny the right of a black man with British citizenship to identify as African, so why do people seek to deny ethnically British the right to identify with their innate racial identity?

Non-white British are in the civically British category they are not ethnically British just as the ethnically British are not African, Asian or Jewish. This doesn’t mean that they can’t describe themselves as being civically British, but to call them British in the ethnic sense would be ludicrous not only to most ethnically British people, but to the non-white British who almost always identity with their own ancestral homelands and the identity from which they have descended.

What the left seek to do is to deconstruct British identity so that it becomes irrelevant in the minds of the native British people. If it is an unimportant ‘social construct’ then what incentive do people have to see it maintained? Once their identity is deconstructed and anyone can adopt it, then it is effectively destroyed and so the leftist agenda continues unabated as the native British people become detached from their own existence as a group.

Any individual or organisation that seeks to deny the existence and right to self-determination of a distinct group of people is a danger to the continuity and long-term survival of that group. This is at the very core of civpats thinking and discourse. Their vision of Britain or indeed of any European nation is one of a multiracial melting pot in which whites are expected to say nothing and just accept that they’re not distinct as a group, have no interests as a group whereas as all other groups do.

One of the overriding characteristics of civpat organisations is the excessive emphasis on Israel and the right of Jews to self-determination in the ‘land of Israel.’ They have no problem acknowledging the Jews as group and they have no qualms about asserting their interests as a group. They will call Israel the home of the Jewish people and will say that it should be a home for the Jewish people, yet they all of a sudden abandon that same logic when applied to white Europeans in Europe or in nations across the West built by the European. Then their narrative completely changes. They will claim that you don’t have to be white to be British, they will say that Britishness isn’t about being white, at the same time as saying Israel is a Jewish homeland for the Jewish people.

In my view there is an ulterior motive behind this. It is designed to keep the native Brit or native of any other European country detached from racial consciousness. It is a form of Cultural Marxist Boasian Anthropology which denies race and describes it as being a mere ‘social construct.’ These groups appear to mop up increasing anger and dissent at what is being done to the West and they act as a pressure valve to ensure that those waking up to what is happening don’t see it in racial terms and only in the manner presented by civpats. They essentially guide increasing awareness and dissent down the wrong path. It is a method of controlling the opposition which means that far from being your ally they are your foe using devious methods of deception to coerce you away from understanding that you have interests as a group. Civpats engage in identity politics when they deny your identity as a white person whilst affirming the identity of all other groups. They are indistinguishable from the left in this sense.

In conclusion, civic patriotism leads to the same destination in which the left and the Globalists are currently taking us. There is no difference. We still end up a minority in our own ancestral homelands and our nations become fractured and beset by tensions and conflict arising from the close proximity of widely divergent groups who can never peacefully coexist.

After this article had been written information came to light regarding Rikki Doolan that I feel would be important to add.

Rikki Doolan who promotes and pushes multiracialism through his civpat platform known as ‘British Lives Matter’ is a personal assistant to man known as who was very close to Robert Mugabe and his murderous Marxist regime which has been engaged for years in the theft of land from white farmers and in the brutal attacks which have often resulted in murder. Rikki Doolan is an advocate of extreme violence against whites by his association with this man.

The question therefore must be asked what is the motivation of Rikki Doolan and his advocacy of multiracialism and civic patriotism which ignores the erasure of our ancient identity? What does he stand to gain from pushing these ideas and for what reason has he appeared out of nowhere trying to sweep up support amongst British patriots with his noxious false concept of what it means to be British?