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What is Race Consciousness and why is it important?

Originally posted October 2017

Quite simply, race consciousness means the realisation by a race of people, that they have interests that are specific to them as a race. Race consiousness is an awareness of your place as part of a group whose identity stretches back for millennia. It is a realisation of the dangers that threaten you as part of that group, and which imperils the future for future generations of the group.

Race consiousness applies to all races, and is not contradictorily referring to the white race alone simply because we advocate the interests of the white race. All races have interests and all races should pursue those interests without impeding upon the rights and interests of others. This is the true essence of mutual respect and tolerance and is the best way for a genuine peaceful coexistence. Diversity works best in nature through voluntary separation.

Race consciousness doesn’t mean an irrational hatred of other races or a desire to subjugate other races, it simply means that as part of natural human bio-diversity, people of European descent have the right to look out for our own interests just as every other racial group does. It means that we have a right to exist and the right to a homeland in the image of our ancestors which is currently being denied to us. This is of crucial importance for Europeans especially in the current climate of nation and identity destroying Globalism that imposes mass immigration and multiculturalism onto European nations with the intention of weakening and replacing Europeans who they perceive as being an obstacle to their Globalist objectives.

What are the prerequisites of race consciousness?

Every other race is conscious of and is working towards their own racial group interests, whereas the white race now exists as divided individuals and are being destroyed as a result. This has been a purposeful moulding of the character structure by a hostile elite determined to divide and conquer us racially and culturally.

Other races recognise that the mass importation of different racial groups into their homelands would be detrimental to their own long-term interests, whereas Europeans have ignored this obvious danger believing in silly notions of ‘diversity’ and ‘enrichment.’ Europeans have allowed themselves to be coerced into the belief that they don’t exist as a group and that race is a myth, a ‘social construct.’ Subsequently we have allowed our governments to socially and demographically engineer our nations not realising that far from being enriched, we are being replaced.

The idea of group consciousness is not new, Marxism is based on the idea of breaking people up into different groups based on their class and the pursuit of their interests as a class. Marxism thrived off the antagonistic nature of its theory of ‘class struggle,’ and without it Marxism would not have been able to exist, it required the dialectical process to advance its goals and sought to turn one designated class against another in order to achieve absolute Communist rule. The concept of class struggle was the fuel for the Communist fire, without it Communism would never have caused so much devastation and suffering.

Race consciousness may also be perceived as being antagonistic and as requiring a narrative of conflict to thrive and exist. However my hope with this blog is to explain why that isn’t the case, and why race consciousness is actually one of the most natural manifestations of human nature and how race consciousness actually removes class distinctions and antagonisms through the realisation that working together for the betterment of race and the nation nulifies in-group conflict, which is something that Marxism as an ideology of internationalism, viewed as being an ideological imperative.

Marxists rely upon Hegelian Dialectics to achieve their aims which uses the problem reaction solution scenario. Marxists say that the problem is Capitalism, the reaction is class consiousness, and the solution is the seizure of the means of production by the violent overthrow of the existing order which would establish a dictatorship of the proletariat. In much the same way as classical Marxism had Capitalism as its nemesis, Cultural Marxism has the white heterosexual male as its arch enemy and the Hegelian method is also applied in this respect. The problem according to the Cultural Marxists is the white heterosexual male, the reaction is an ‘awareness’ of this ‘problem’, and the solution is the total displacement of white Europeans and the deconstruction of the nuclear family with the father at its head. This they claim will lead to an end of ‘oppression’ brought about by a power structure ‘dominated’ by the white heterosexual male.

Those who are aware of the real motivation behind this will know that Cultural Marxism is just a different way to achieve Communist goals due to the fact that the working class of the West rejected Communism and fought against it. Cultural Marxism therefore is essentially subvervise warfare being waged against the West through demographics, psychology and moral degradation.

Marxists accuse Nationalists of pursuing a policy of using race to divide the working class, however this isn’t the case. What our so-called leaders have done is import millions of racially and culturally different people to target the white working class, who never asked for or supported this. It is the indigenous populations of Europe that are being targeted by our controlled political class.

Marxists understand well the fact that diversity plus proximity equals conflict. Their desire for group conflict to achieve ideolgical victory can be secured in their eyes using race rather than class. It is they who want the division and conflict. It is they who are creating the conditions for conflict to arise with their identity politics designed to destroy white identity.

Nationalists understand well that for true peace and harmony to exist between groups there has to be geographical separation. Marxists are using psychological trickery to lead the people of Europe to believe that groups being forced together will lead to some sort of utopia. They are playing a dangerous game in which they create the conditions of future conflict then blame those who warn against it.

The white working class are blinded to their true interests as a race because of the saturation of our cultural institutions with the dogma of multiculturalism, multiracialism and individualism plus the endless propagandistic promotion of ‘diversity’. They fail to see that multiculturalism works against their interests because they are misled by the trade unions and other organisations that claim to represent the working class, when what they really represent is a world with no borders which is a result of a Communisitic mentality.

It is the Communist narrative which leads the white working class to view their interests as being class based alone. It is the Communist narrative that instructs workers to put their interests as workers ahead of their interests as a race, nation and culture and as a result whites see their own interests not as workers in a nation along racial and cultural lines, but as part of a multiracial collective which will eventually come to overwhelm them. The most important thing to the white working class is how they can be protected as individuals in a class in the workplace, but they don’t see that their interests are also and more importantly as a group inside the nation.

The imported non-whites who the white working class view as ‘class allies’ are not really allies at all. They fully understand that the displacement of the white majority which includes the white working class, is beneficial to their own racial and cultural group interests. Whilst whites naively believe in the self-defeating ‘workers of the world unite’ mantra, the workers of the world are coming in their droves and will eventually dominate the country demographically, culturally, politically as well as in employment. They won’t be complaining about a lack of diversity when whites are the minority. How many majority Muslim or African areas in your nations have you heard demanding more whites because of a lack of diversity? You can go through entire areas of London and not see a white face, no calls for more diversity in those places because the truth about ‘diversity’ as the left defines it, is that it doesn’t include whites and is designed to replace them.

The white working class are naively facilitating this by swallowing the lies of the state sponsored diversity deception. The future generations of the white working class ie our children, will find themselves in a country in which their ancestors ie us, meekly surrendered their birth right to the third-world world because of an insane and false belief in egalitarianism and diversity.

Distracting the white working class from their real interests as a group leading them down the blind alley of ‘class war’ politics is a ploy by the eternal manipulators of our people. Communism and ‘class war’ politics are tools of conquest and distraction, divide and conquer which is designed to keep the European in a constant state of agitation against the nation and in a perpetual state of false consciousness. Whilst class is important in many ways, it is not more important than race, and indeed class interests and race are linked. The indigenous working class people of a nation can find life difficult enough without the mass importation of workers from the third-world for them to compete with.

Why Race Consciousness is not the same as Class Consciousness

Class consiousness is a Marxian concept used to set one part of a racial group against another thereby sowing the seeds of discontent and societal discord within that group and nation in order to bring it down. That isn’t to say that the working class don’t have legitimate issues and it doesn’t mean that Globalism isn’t economically parasitical, but these issues should not be allowed to destroy the racial group.

An excellent quote that sums this up was provided by Corneliu Zelea Codreanu when he stated that:

‘No matter how right the workers’ class may be, we do not tolerate that it rise up against the country or that it make common cause with foreign movements outside our border. No one will allow that for your bread you lay waste and hand over into the hands of a foreign people of bankers and usurpers, everything that for two millenia the sweat of a people of workers and brave ones had saved. Your rights, – yes – but within the rights of your people. It is inadmissible that for your right, the historic right of the nation to which you belong be trampled underfoot.’

Nationalism seeks to eradicate the self-indulgent parasitism of super capitalism replacing it with a genuine desire for the economy to work for everyone. It seeks national unity and an end to class antagonisms pushed by the proponents of an ideology that is an enemy of the nation state. This means that the nation, and its citizens work in harmony for the betterment of the nation and everyone in it but stands opposed to Globalist and Cultural Marxist strategies designed to destroy the nation, culture and people.

In conclusion, no other species on the planet ignores or downplays their own interests and neither do they imperil their own safety and security because to do so would have disastrous consequences making it entirely unnatural. Every living thing as part of a group adheres to the very first law of nature which is self-preservation. There are boundaries in nature that once breached lead to conflict and the eradication of one group or another. It is completely natural for identifiable groups to ensure their own continuity in accordance with nature and this applies to the different racial groups that make up the true diversity of people’s who inhabit planet Earth.

Race consiousness is merely an extension of the very first law of nature and in fact is a requirement of it. Having an awareness of who you are and who your ancestors were is not a crime, wanting your children to inherit your looks and continue that line that stretches way back is not a crime, it is entirely normal, natural and healthy. To have interests as a race is not evil, it is not something uniquely ‘wrong’ with Europeans, all other races acknowledge that they interests and are free from the state sponsored indoctrination that is now common in the West.

Europeans are not just being targeted by a demographic transformation, this transformation could not occur without a concerted effort to psycologically coerce us into accepting it. Understanding how all of these subversive strategies combine to get us where we are today is crucial to rediscovering that most natural of human instincts, group (race) consiousness, because without it, all living species would leave themselves vulnerable to destruction.