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A brief introduction to the employment of the Hegelian method by the Cultural Marxists

Originally posted September 2016

The key to the success of the Communists and Cultural Marxists lay in their perpetuating division within a nation along class lines and Cultural Marxists using division along racial, cultural and religious lines to achieve a pre-determined outcome. This is known as the Hegelian Dialectic process in which a thesis and anti-thesis clash to form an already agreed upon synthesis. It is also known as divide and conquer which is manipulated with ideological intent. 

As an example, Cultural Marxists empower radical homosexuals to rebel against the morality and traditions of Western culture which was based largely on Christianity. It is not because they have any real concern for homosexuals, it is because they simply serve a purpose in the Cultural Marxist grand scheme of things. Radical homosexuality becomes a tool of conflict to be used against the morality, traditional values and culture of an institution which was an impenetrable barrier to Communism.

Another example would be the Communist narrative of class conflict. 

The Communists needed to create this class division in order to mobilise a large percentage of the population to do their bidding and to facilitate Communist takeover and rule.  Without the ‘class war’ mantra, the Communists would never have achieved their aims and would have had no fuel for their ideological fire. If we were to remove all of this by design conflict, then we would live in stable, homogenous societies. 

Nationalists advocate racial and cultural solidarity and not multiracial class war which in no way whatsoever benefits us as a race. Nationalists don’t seek to divide, we seek to consolidate and protect what is ours and what our children will one day inherit. It is a constant theme of the Cultural Marxist argument that Nationalism seeks to divide the working class along racial lines, when the truth is that it is the left who have always employed the tactics of creating division to achieve their aims. It is the Globalist elite in banking, media and politics who have brought masses of non-whites into our nations to divide the white working class with the intention of destroying them. This is what the Cultural Marxist Communsitic left completely support. 

Nationalists don’t divide, they unify. It is the left who use the working class as a tool of Hegelian conflict and who support mass immigration in order to destroy the homogeneity of the White European and the eradication of his nation, culture and identity. And all in the name of so called ‘equality.’

The Cultural Marxists have empowered any group on the periphery of society that they viewed as being potentially militant enough and any group that they could manipulate into having grievances against the majority population and culture. They did this so that they could use them to weaken the foundations of that society. Two opposing forces battling against each other can only end with one winner or an agreement to end the conflict with concessions made. These concessions always advance the Cultural Marxist agenda however and they don’t stop there. The Hegelian method simply starts again until they obtain further concessions and so on and so on. 

If we wanted to explain it in simple terms, Communism/Cultural Marxism use conflict between groups to achieve a predetermined outcome, whereas Nationalism unifies the people racially and culturally to protect the nation and to ensure the safety and prosperity of the nation and its people.

Communism/Cultural Marxism is about corrosion and destruction, Nationalism is about protection and preservation. 

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