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European Racial and Cultural Alienation

Originally posted October 16, 2017

Have you ever walked down your local high street and felt like a stranger in your own homeland? Have you ever felt that the country you once knew is slowly slipping away into something you no longer recognise or identify with? Do you feel as if your government has ignored and betrayed you and the indigenous population of a millennia old identity? Do you worry about the future that your children will inherit? Do you feel as though your very own identity, and that of your children and wider family, is being eroded by the forced implementation of multiculturalism and that your protestations go unheard or that you are routinely labeled as a ‘racist’ for daring to say what so many won’t? Do you feel estranged from your own people and culture? Do you feel like a second class citizen? Do you feel as though you are being dispossessed of your heritage?

Does your anger, frustration and disappointment at the course your country is headed on make you feel racially and culturally alienated in your own nation? Do you think the political establishment represents you as a white European? Or do you feel as if the political establishment is actively working against you as a white European and against our long-term interests as a group? Do you feel as though the white working class has been abandoned in the multiracial and multicultural onslaught of Globalism which has been the main driving force behind them?

If you are awake to what is happening around you, and the treachery that is rife at the very highest levels of your government, then you will already know the answers to the above questions.

Many ignorant SJW’s would claim that the political system does in fact work entirely for the interests of whites, they call it a ‘white power structure’ and ridiculously claim that whites have some sort of ‘privilege’ simply because they are white. They fail to recognise the obvious contradiction in that claim however, because if we had a white power structure that worked exclusively for the interests of whites, then why would they be so complicit and supportive in the demographic engineering of whites into a minority in our own ancestral homelands? It is a nonsense to suggest that the political establishment represents whites to the exclusion of all others.

If whites are somehow ‘privileged’ because we are white, then what sort of privilege is it that means we become the minority in our own country? What sort of privilege is it that means we are attacked, labelled, ridiculed and ostracised for daring to speak about issues relating to mass immigration and future demographic projections? Doesn’t sound like a privilege worth having if you ask me.

What is alienation?

The definition of alienation is loosely defined, it means the separation of the individual from important aspects of the external world accompanied by a feeling of powerlessness or lack of control. A person may feel alienated from themselves or from society. A state in which a person feels detached from the outside world and sometimes from his or her own feelings.

Alienation as a sociological concept was first introduced by Karl Marx. Essentially he said that with the onset of the Industrial Revolution and Capitalism, workers no longer worked for themselves and had no enjoyment or pride in their work, they became cogs in a massive machine of profit making, manufacturing products that they couldn’t afford to buy, and therefore workers were alienated from the product. They also became alienated from each other because any time away from working was spent at home resting. The drudgery of work, and the desire for a bit of time to themselves therefore, alienated the workers from each other.

In the age of Mass Immigration, forced multiculturalism and Cultural Marxism in the West, this theory of alienation can be applied to race and culture. That same drudgery of work and the pursuit of hedonistic individualism along with rampant mass consumerism, alienates the people of the West from their own people history and culture.

With the mass importation of millions of people of different racial and cultural backgrounds into Western nations – who are transforming Western towns and cities both racially and culturally – the indigenous populations of the West no longer feel as if they are in their own nations. They feel like strangers in their own lands as the new arrivals and their exponential birthrate once here, means that the country of their forefathers which they inherited, is slowly but surely becoming a distant memory. The people of the West see their societies as something alien to them.

Globalism demands the eradication of national, racial and cultural identity, and wants to create an identity bereft mass of atomised consumers that capitulate to Globalist tyranny so long as they have their gadgets and reality television. This attack on our identity is by design, and when using the theory of alienation, we can see how it has alienated European people from who they are as a group. The fact that Europe and the West is being destroyed is proof enough of this alienation, because a civilisation aware of itself and of its racial and cultural identity, would not be in such rapid decline and would not be so passively accepting of what is happening. Globalism alienates the individual from the group in order to destroy the group.

In order to deconstruct the West they first had to alienate us from each other, our culture and history. As individuals obsessed with consuming and hedonism, we have been easy to divide and conquer, but if we had remained cohesive and racially conscious, then they would not have been able to do to the West what they have done. This is why everything has been done to deconstruct our collective racial consciousness via academia, the media and entertainment industry.

Karl Marx famously said that ‘the workers have nothing to lose but their chains,’ but it would be more accurate to say that Europeans have nothing to lose but their psychological chains imposed upon them by a hostile elite that seeks their total displacement.

Alienation can also be applied to the declining European birthrate. Feminism creates the alienation of men and women from each other which results in fractured relationships and further deconstructs the nuclear family. The promotion of womens ‘independence’ and womens ‘liberation’ has led to women entering the workplace believeing themselves to be free, which means that they now pursue careers and products over marriage and family. This has alienated women from the family which they have been told is an oppressive enviroment designed to enslave them. Both men and women in the West now compete for jobs and pursue stress relieveing pastimes away from work leaving little time for having children. Driving a wedge between European men and women has been a pivotal strategy used against us and is responsible for the plummeting European birthrate.

Alienation is being aloof, uncaring, isolated, detached, indifferent, estranged and nihilistic. It is a feeling of not belonging, it is engineered apathy and is a key feature of the ‘new man’ of Globalism, a robotic zombified consumer who cares nothing for his racial and cultural identity.

When our people are bombarded with propaganda on a daily basis and from every conceivable angle telling them that ‘race is a social construct’ then of course they are going to become alienated from their racial identification. Why would they maintain any connection or loyalty to something they are told is an illusion? They become alienated from their race because it becomes unimportant to them.

When our people are routinely told that our ancestors were the most evil and oppressive people in the history of mankind and that our culture is one of oppression and brutality, then of course they are going to distance themselves from that culture and won’t care if the culture is destroyed, they become alienated from it due to incessant duplicitous disinformation disseminated by those who have a vested interest in seeing that culture collapse.

When our people are told that our nations were built on the back of slavery and got wealthy only through the rape and plunder of others, then of course they will feel no love for the nation because to them it represents oppression. They aren’t told about the magnificent achievements of our racial ancestors, the discoveries, inventions, the pioneering, they are only taught a negative, biased and ideologically motivated interpretation of our history. They become alienated from everything good that our racial ancestors did, they don’t care if the nations that our ancestors imparted to us are irreparably destroyed.

Understanding how alienation works in relation to race and culture will go a long way in helping our people realise how they have been manipulated and coerced into this psychological state of separation from their roots.

We are living in truly Orwellian times, so it is fitting to finish with relevant quote form George Orwell:

‘The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.’