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Mass Immigration and the Transfer of Political Power

When the transfer of political power through a seemingly unavoidable demographic shift occurs, then whites will have lost the right to self-determination and to any chance of ensuring that our group interests are met via our political will at the ballot box. Whites have for many years been divided in so many ways which has been fundamental to our demise. We fail to identify as a group and fail to understand and acknowledge that groups have interests specific to them including ourselves.

Whites as a collective, over the course of decades, have repeatedly failed to vote in our own group interests and instead have voted for the controlled parties of Globalism who only further perpetuate our demographic demise. Far too many whites have allowed themselves to be taken in by the democratic scam that promises one thing on the one hand and another thing on the other. As the late John Tyndall said: “Politics become an auction in which the prize article – power – goes to the highest bidder in the way of bribes to the populace.” Our people have fallen for these bribes which has been to the detriment of the long-term interests of the group. The controlled parties of Globalism have kept whites blind to their true interests with talk of class issues and economic issues whilst the most important issues, that of demographics, our demographic future and our cultural demise, has been routinely ignored and attacked by the powers that be as being the domain of ‘racists’ and ‘white supremacists.’ This alone should let you know about the malevolent intent of those who attack you for daring to talk about such issues.

Whites have perpetually voted for the very political parties that have set about intentionally to deconstruct white identity through mass immigration and who have denied them their very existence as they have built a society that ostracises them and militantly suppresses any attempt at white group organisation. Only one group of people are not allowed to pursue their own interests whereas all other groups are actively encouraged to do just that. If you didn’t know already, that group is whites. Name calling, intimidation, physical violence, threat of job loss and more are used to beat whites into submission if they dare to speak out.

No mainstream (Globalist controlled) political party in the Western world represents whites as a group in any given nation, they represent only a Globalist multiracial anti-white society that works against the best interests of whites. Politics and by extension democracy, are nothing but tools of the Globalist elite who control both sides of the political spectrum to advance the Globalist agenda.

What we have seen with the election of Donald Trump and with the Brexit vote in the UK has been a slight buckling of the trend to a degree. However it could possibly be the last example of how collectively people have voted in their national if not racial/cultural interests.

The Globalist elite didn’t expect the British to vote for Brexit, and in the US (I’m yet to be convinced that Trump isn’t part of the Globalist establishment himself) the swell of support for Trumps Nationalistic promises have swept across America like a wildfire and has created a movement which will not so easily retreat into the apathy of the centre ground. These people have realised that America is a perilous situation and have taken up the flag against the left. Whilst Antifa and BLM gangs rampage through American cities you now have patriotic and Nationalist groups opposing them.

Scores of millions voted for Trump due to his promises of getting to grips with immigration amongst other things, just as the Brexit vote was largely a vote for greater controls on immigration. It is just a shame that as yet those Americans who put their faith in Trump have so far been let down with his failure to adhere to his ‘America First’ platform. He has much to do to deliver on his promises.

As the demographic shift accelerates, there will soon come a point when it will no longer be possible for a Brexit vote or a Trumpesque election as whites cease to be the majority population. This means that the collective non-white majority will determine the outcome of elections and the direction that countries take which will not be in the interests of whites as a group. The new minority-majority will overwhelmingly vote for left wing parties (Democrats & Labour et al) and would ensure that it would be impossible for whites to vote in the interests of whites.

In no other situation would it be considered normal to apathetically facilitate such an unprecedented transference of power that basically weakens your own position. In any other aspect of life it would be considered highly unnatural for any individual or group to allow the transfer of power and influence to another individual or group. In the natural world in which struggle is the prerequisite for survival then those who give up positions of power and influence wilt and eventually die.

Whites have effectively stood by and allowed the mass importation into their homelands of people who are being used by the Globalist establishment in a campaign of replacment and simultaneously whites have continued to vote for those that have been responsible. It is beyond inexplicable. If this was applied to nature and to any species of animal, then the Darwinian principle of survival of the fittest would apply and the weaker species would succumb to the iron laws of nature. If one species of animal abandons their territory it will be occupied by another. If any species of animal did not defend their territory then they would be forced out of that territory and replaced. If whites do not protect their interests, their territory and their future as a group, then we will also succumb to those groups that do act in their own interests.

The decrepitude of the so-called conservative political ideology on both sides of the Atlantic points to their desperation in trying to appease non-white voters. They know that to pursue truly conservative political aims would alienate them even more from the electorate than they already are and so adopt an entirely politically correct strategy of placation. They conserve nothing and actively facilitate the ongoing destruction of Western nations. They’re every bit as bad as if not worse than the radical left in this regard and are a corrosive presence within the West.

Even though whites still represent the majority population in Western nations for now, the non-white masses constitute voting blocs large enough that they already determine the outcomes of local and national elections and do so due to the fractured nature of whites as a voting group. If for example 40% of whites in any given nation voted for a left-wing pro-immigration party and over 90% of the non-white community voted for the same party then that effectively annuls the rest of the white vote split between other various political parties. So as our percentage of the population decreases rapidly and the non-white percentage of the population rises exponentially, this will soon mean that it won’t matter who whites vote for because we will become politically insignificant as the left leaning whites and the non-whites will always vote against any party that dared to represent white interests and they would constitute a majority voting bloc.

If current trends continue – and nothing suggests that they won’t – then in less than 100 years whites across the Western world will have been dispossessed demographically, culturally and politically. This is an unprecedented transference of the power to determine ones own future. The future of white Western nations will be decided by those who have no ancestral claim to our lands.

The abject failure to understand the importance of group interests and the repeated mandate given to Globalist parties to continue their demographic conquest of our lands has handed over the heritage and destiny of our children’s future which is an unforgivable dereliction of duty.

The only way in which this suicidal trend can be stopped is for whites to collectively understand their interests and to pursue them. However so many of our people are blinded by lies and academic brainwashing that this is highly unlikely. Our people tend to not look at things in racial terms but in class terms. They don’t realise that in pursuing class interests that they abandon their own racial interests. It is a plague of the mind that has afflicted our people for many decades.

On a positive note, as bad as things are, increasing awareness of the issues important to white people across the West have never been more talked about, have never been more valid and more legitimate. Many people are finally beginning to understand things better than they did before. There is a long way to go of course, but the signs are there that a large scale awakening could be on the cards and the antics of the BLM and Antifa Marxists has only increased that possibility further. It might not be enough to retain our destiny politically, but it could be enough to increase the awareness and realisation that we have interests as white people which are not to be found in this forced and militant multicultural society which is antithetical to our interests. It is slow progress but progress nonetheless.