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Multiculturalism Means Inevitable Group Conflict

Originally posted August 2016

Forced multiculturalism means the forcing together by the government of different and incompatible races and cultures which eventually leads to unavoidable group conflict. This is natural as different groups right across the natural world compete for territory dominance and resources. All different species have divergent interests which conflict with each other.

When you see diversity riots whether they be in Britain or America they are not a result of ‘oppressive racist policing’ or a ‘racist white society’, nothing could be further from the truth. They occur as a result of forced multiculturalism and one group trying to assert their interests over the other by blaming them for all of their ills. There will never be a harmonious multiracial utopia it is a myth. This trusim is hidden behind the lies of the left and the globalist propaganda that tells you diversity is a strength and that multiculturalism is enriching.

In a white society white people have interests and there should be a society structured to serve those interests, there is nothing wrong or immoral in that it is entirely normal natural and healthy. However when you have an alien elite pulling the strings and when they force different groups together in white countries then that alien elite and groups see their own interests as conflicting with those of whites. It is a consequence of the immutable laws of nature that this happens, however it is not beneficial and it is not enriching. It will get worse as the years go by and our numbers dwindle and theirs rise. They will increasingly run into conflict with what they see as an ‘oppressive white system’ (empowered by the anti-white alien elite and their false narratives) because they know that their own interests depend upon the weakening of their competitors.

The false arguments that often accompany these diversity riots that say poverty, racism and socio-economic status are to blame are purposefully misleading to hide the fact that multiculturalism is an intentional and unmitigated disaster.