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Nationalist Solutions: Be the answer not the stereotype

Originally posted January 17, 2018 

We are often asked to provide possible solutions to our current situation as Europeans in relation to the obvious anti-white agenda that permeates academia, politics, the judiciary, media, entertainment, immigration policy and the demographic decline and cultural decay that comes with it.

If the truth be told however, this is probably the most difficult of questions to address the reason being that if there was such an obvious answer, then we wouldn’t be in this mess in the first place because the solutions would already have been found and would have long ago solved the issues at hand.

Different people have different ideas about how we should collectively go about halting our decline on the slippery slope of state enforced multiculturalism and reversing the rotting corrosive influence of Cultural Marxism in our institutions. One thing is for certain, it will be no quick fix, but it can be done. To coin an old British saying, where there is a will there is a way.

Re-awakening the group consiousness of our people to the realisation that they have interests as a group is of paramount importance and is the very first thing Nationalists much achieve. Unless Europeans have that group consiousness which has been severely weakend and undermined by our enemies, then they will never vote in their interests as a group and will continue to vote in their own self-interest as individuals tied to a false doctrine of leftist ‘social justice’ and ‘diversity’ which are antithetical to their own group interests. This re-awakening has started, but will take time before it emerges into real and tangible change.


We should utterly reject and condemn all forms of violence as a means of achieving political goals. Not only is it terrorism, but it is absolutely counter-productive and immoral in the sense that innocent people should never become the victims of violence. Nationalists should aim to win the hearts and minds of our people with convincing and truthful arguments and not alienate them further by stupidly advocating violence. No genuine long-lasting solution can be found with violence the use of which only begets more violence.

Political violence does more harm to the Nationalist cause than anything and plays right into the hands of both the political and legal the system that seeks our downfall. What they don’t want are rational political arguments presented to a receptive public. They want demonstrations that descend into conflict with the left and they want groups that give them a reason to clamp down on free speech and which enable them to enact evermore repressive laws that silence any discussion on the important issues.

This is what the establishment wants, and it is what the likes of antifa want. They want the Nationalist message brought onto the streets so that they can attack it and use the age old leftist tactic of blaming Nationalists for having caused the trouble when it is they who have been behind it. Nationalist self-defence is presented by a controlled media as being a violent attack upon the defenceless whilst the left are portrayed as ‘defending’ the vulnerable. Nationalists should be a lot more wise to this and should not engage with the left in their preferred arena.

What the establishment fears more than anything else isn’t a Nationalist demonstration, it is a viable Nationalist political movement that gains momentum through its appeal, integrity and the validity of their argument. In Britain for example, it was the British National Party that the establishment feared, and which they demonised relentlessly as a result to turn the public against them. The BNP achieved a limited level of electoral success but this was enough to have the powers that be recoil in horror at the possibility of a mainstream Nationalist political party resonating with the public and sweeping up their votes. Once a party achieves respectability in the political theatre and the public has faith in them despite the media and leftists attempts to destroy them, then they are in business and this is what the powers that be are trying to stop through their Orwellian assault on free speech and the free dissemination of non-conformative political ideas.

There are ways in which I believe that Europeans can peacefully set about the process of demographic, political and cultural revival. My own thoughts might not be the thoughts of others, but like I said earlier, if we already had the answers then I wouldn’t be writing this and people wouldn’t still be searching for the solutions.


Many people claim that there is no political route to European salvation and whilst I understand their reasons for thinking this, I do believe there still remains a window of political opportunity. All across Europe and the Western world there has been a swell of support for Nationalist ideas and for Nationalistic political party’s campaigning on an anti-refugee anti-multiculturalism and anti-globalist platform. There is also a fast growing opposition to the ongoing Islamification of European towns and cities as well as increasing disdain for the European Union. All across Europe Nationalist political party’s have had huge electoral support in recent years and have in many countries become the main opposition to the globalist order. Many Nationalist party’s now stand on the verge of power having seemingly come from nowhere which shows how quick things can possibly change.

Once the electorate reaches the point of having had enough of the globalist multiculturalist madness and see the negative impact of mass immigration in their own daily lives and communities, then the media propaganda and leftist slurs against Nationalism become meaningless as the public disregard the leftist lies and rise above the false information disseminated to demonise the Nationalist message.

Never forget that the enemies of Nationalism don’t want to debate Nationalist arguments, they just want to prevent the public from hearing them by whatever means they have at their disposal. They know the public will embrace Nationalism given a fair hearing hence the reason they operate a no-platform repressive tolerance strategy to silence the message.

Once a political message takes root, is considered to be valid, truthful and self-evident, then it is difficult to stop it from gathering momentum. The left are becoming increasingly desperate to excoriate Nationalism because they see the narrative shifting on a scale that they know will render their strategies useless and worldview defunct. They see that their support for the destruction of Western nations through mass immigration and forced multiculturalism imposed by a globalist establishment that they are supposed to be against, is spectacularly backfiring against them.

Politics offers Nationalists the opportunity to engage with the public and have their message heard. It demystifies the false stereotype presented by the media and the left and presents a human face to the message. The left revel in the opportunity to present Nationalism as THEY want the public to perceive it. This is something Hollywood has done for decades, they have made films that push the very worst stereotypes of Nationalism and Nationalists. When Nationalists live up to that negative stereotype, then they are doing a disservice to Nationalism and are achieving the goals of the left for them by living up to the wildly exaggerated caricature.

The idea is to show the public that the establishment portrayal of Nationalism is wrong and is politically and ideologically motivated to prevent a fair hearing of an alternative political narrative. Nationalists should aim to deconstruct the negative stereotype of the Nationalist by not living up to the stereotype.

It is true to say that the public are moved more by emotion and by answers to problems in their daily lives than they are by the more idealistic arguments, and for Nationalism to succeed it has to address these issues. This should not come at the expense of the idealism of Nationalism, but a sucsessful movement can’t have one without the other. All political party’s aim to aspire to higher principles, and a Nationalist political party should be no different. However the mundane aspects of everyday struggles for the ordinary member of the public have to become a primary concern for the Nationalist and the idealism can come later. The public appreciate those who can help them more than those who preach to them about things they either don’t understand or have no interest in. That doesn’t mean the idealistic aspect of Nationalism should be abandoned, far from it, but expanding the appeal of Nationalism will only bear fruits for the wider cause.


Community organising is the work of building relationships and networks in communities to activate people and create social and political change through collective action.

Community organising has been an effective tactic employed by the left and was conceptualised as a useful political strategy by Saul Alinksy the author of Rules for Radicals. Barak Obama was heavily influenced by Alinsky as was Hillary Clinton, and whilst we would never endorse their politics or worldview, their political support has to a large degree been achieved through community organising.

For any political party to be sucsessful would require a level of community engagement geared towards showing the community how you intend to help them at the same time as trying to get across to them they have interests as a group and that they and their future generations are set to lose their homelands through mass apathy and their continual voting for party’s that work against their group interests. Nationalists have to try and get the working class, middle class and upper class Europeans to see their interests not as a class, but as Europeans, as a group, as a national identity and culture.

You also have to get it into their heads that many of the problems, stresses and hardships they face are a result of mass immigration which is just the reality of the situation which the mainstream political party’s deny at every turn.

Nationalists need to convince and show the public that they understand their issues and move away from the stereotype pushed by the media and left that Nationalists are knuckle dragging uneducated violent racists with skinheads and swastika tattoos just waiting to attack the first non-white that they see. One way in which to do this is by engaging with the community you represent and disproving the lies and deconstructing the myths. All other groups have organisations that represent them and advocate their interests, except for whites.

Although Community organising is perceived as being a leftist strategy, it can be and is used by people of all different political persuasions. Political success cannot be achieved without it. Nationalism has to organise the European community of Western nations towards recognising, understanding and advocating our own interests as a group.

What can you do?

Everyone has a role to play in the struggle to defend and preserve our European heritage. You will have often heard people say that ‘it’s too late’ or ‘what can I as one person do.’ This is defeatist yet understandable considering the damage that has been done and the totalitarian grip that the state has over the people which leads them to self-censorship. It leads people into a negative mindset of telling themselves that all is lost. What they need to realise and which it is the job of Nationalists to tell them, is that collectively we as Europeans have the power to stop this madness, but as divided individuals concerned only with our own happiness and self-interest then we are weak. In unity there is strength, together we are strong, divided, we will, be destroyed.

There is always something that can be done, whether it be getting active in a Nationalist political party, delivering leaflets, being active online sharing content, educating yourself on the issues at hand and helping your friends and family to take the red pill. Whatever it is there is always something you can do so long as it is legal and doesn’t hurt anybody which as stated earlier is antithetical to the goals of Nationalism. Be somebody people can engage with and have faith in your arguments so that you can inspire faith in others.

Mighty oaks from the acorn grow.