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The Duplicitous Agenda of Anti-European Propaganda

Originally posted November 2017

Why is it that those who oppose European Nationalists and our desire to preserve our own unique identity present their opposition as being a moral indictment against ‘racism?’ The answer is a simple one, they want the general public to view opposition to multiculturalism and mass immigration as being morally repugnant and that whites who want to maintain their identity and culture as being somehow evil. They claim that ‘racism’ is Europeans wanting to live in a European society, that a view of Europe that is predominantly European is the worst of moral crimes.

Would they claim that an African in Nigeria who held a view of Africa as being majority African was somehow a racist? How about an Asian in Asia? A Jew in Israel? These people would never dream of telling an African, Asian or Jew that they had no right to a homeland that was African Asian or Jewish, but they certainly do want to deny that very same basic right to Europeans.

What they want is for Europeans to acquiesce in the face of state engineered demographic change. They want passive, meek and apathetic acceptance of what is being forced on to the West and if that isn’t forthcoming they will concoct lies to slander groups and individuals and screech racism and hate everywhere to associate perfectly rational arguments with they very worst of moral outrages.

The behaviour of the left is as amoral as it gets despite them claiming to be paragons of moral virtue. They are sly, devious, underhand and subversive. They want to single out Europeans for specific moral criticism for simply adhering to the basic laws of nature.

When those who push the idea that it is wrong and racist for Europeans to want to live in a European society with Europeans as the demographic majority, they are doing it not for any good natured reason, it is ideolgical with a purpose in mind and that purpose is to to disposess and replace the European majority through mass immigration. These people are ideolgically motivated to see the West fall and they occupy all of our major cultural and media institutions as well as politics and the entertainment industry. They use these avenues of influence over the public to push their poisonous anti-European agenda dressing it up as being morally virtuous when in reality it is subversively toxic.