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Why European Nativism is Entirely Natural and Crucial

Originally posted January 2018

Let’s start off with a definition of Nativism:

1 : a policy of favouring native inhabitants as opposed to immigrants
2 : the revival or perpetuation of an indigenous culture especially in opposition to acculturation

Nativism is the political policy of promoting the interests of native inhabitants against those of immigrants.

Anybody who considers Nativism to be morally wrong or as something to be condemned and opposed, is not only fighting a losing battle against a natural and innate human inclination to favour ones own, but is also pushing a hypocritical agenda that denounces only European Nativism whilst ignoring or supporting non-European Nativism.

Nativism is a familial normality that has been employed throughout the ages to protect and preserve the group. Only since the advent of forced multiculturalism and the ideology of Cultural Marxism has Nativism been portrayed as something evil and reprehensible when the reality is that Nativism has for millennia been crucial for the survival, safety, prosperity and continuity of the group. Without it, groups would not have survived the threat of invasion from hostile out-groups intent on conquest. Without Nativism entire tribes would have succumbed to other groups that employed an aggressive cohesiveness.

Nationalistic Nativism is the macro version of the family home in which the interests of the family members are put before the interests of outsiders. The family members do not jeopardise their own safety and security by allowing the family home (nation) and its resources to be utilised by non-members of the family to the detriment of members of the family. Most people would acknowledge that this is a normal practice for a family to employ, yet will deride a national group who do the same even though the basic principles are the same.

Why wouldn’t you favour your own kin over those not of your kin? It is entirely unnatural to support and desire the destruction of your own group, it is the epitome of insanity to surrender your geographical and demographic security by allowing them to be conquered by those not of your ancestral group. Whilst all other groups understand the importance of maintaining control over their geographical and demographic destiny through stringent protectionism, Europeans as a group have either facilitated their own displacement, or have apathetically allowed their elected leaders to implement an open door immigration policy which is gradually displacing them and which is leading to irreparable cultural atrophy. They have also ignored the repeated warnings that they have been given which suggests a pathological passivity to what has been happening for decades. The pathology is not a desire to protect and preserve, the pathology is a desire to endanger and destroy.

Promoting the interests of your own group is not wrong, hateful, racist or intolerant. Those Europeans who have stood opposed to the globalist and Cultural Marxist agenda are repeatedly denounced as being the very worst of human beings when what they do in promoting their own group interests is entirely in accordance with the natural desire to protect ones own in-group and ancestral homeland.

Without protective Nativism as a bulwark against the intentional destructive forces of mass immigration and forced multiculturalism, we see Europe and the West now suffering from the consequences of this anomalous attitude to their own survival as a group. Nativism is a necessary requirement of all groups for their long-term survival and when faced with a hositle elite that is imposing measures upon them calculated to bring about their destruction in whole or in part, then not only is Nativism necessary, it is vital.

Our ideological enemies coopt terms such as populism and Nativism and manipulatively present them in a negative light to influence public thinking. They portray normal, natural and healthy group survival instincts as being morally repugnant and through ceaseless indoctrination they reconfigure the European mind and spirit into a self-defeating self-hating aberration. The motivation for this is ideological and is entirely anti-European.

Anti-Nativism is an unnatural manifestation of systematic brainwashing that leads an individual to disregard the interests of his/her own group for an internationalist worldview that sees the eradication of all group identification (especially European) as being morally virtuous.

Nativism as Protectionism

Protectionism is basically the idea that you protect what is yours and it can be applied to anything. In the family home for example, you protect the home itself, its safety and security, you protect its finances, its resources and ensure that the family members benefit from the hard work of the family as a group. The same should be true of a nation and its people. A nation should be run on the basis of economic, racial and cultural protectionism and this should be something all nations regardless of racial identity employ. This would ensure that true diversity would be maintained and that conflict that arises out of close proximity between different groups would not materialise.

Being protective of your own nation and its identity does not mean hatred of others or any intention of hostility towards them, that arises out of the intentional forcing together of different groups. Wanting to maintain and preserve your identity is not something to be condemned. As we and many others have repeatedly stated, the very first law of nature is self-preservation and so wanting to protect and preserve the group is the most natural of things to do. The distortion and demonisation of this natural proclivity to prefer ones own has been an ideological assault on the consiousness of the European people over decades and is designed to weaken the cohesive nature of European group identification. The goal is to divide and conquer the European people by gradually using demographic and psychological attrition.

The reasons for this are numerous, but the two main reasons are to weaken Europeans to the point where they can no longer organise as a group in their own group interests such as happened in 1930s Germany, this is why any manifestation of European group advocacy is always said to be ‘Nazism’. They saturate the public consiousness with their portrayal of National Socialism as a demonic ideology and associate all Nationalistic movements with this portrayal thereby turning people against the Nationalist message.

It has also been because the white working class peoples of Western Europe had utterly rejected Communism, and so have been targeted demographically and psychologically to weaken their allegiance to their culture, religion and racial identity which it was thought would leave them more suceptible to the advances of Communism.

Opposition to this targeted attack on Europeans is why Nativism and protectionism are crucial for European survival, because opposition without them would be pointless.

Non-white Nativism

Nativism exists in the West amongst the imported non-European populations. In the UK for example, we have different communities that self-segregate along racial and cultural lines. We have Chinese communities that stick together and promote their interests as Chinese. We have large Muslim communities that don’t hide the fact that they work towards their own group interests as Muslims, the same with the black community and the Jewish community. They want to protect and preserve their identity and advocate their own group interests, yet whites are denied this because it is said by the enemies of white European identity to be racist for whites to organise as a group. Never mind that it’s white nations that are being transformed into something they never were and were never meant to be. All other racial groups would oppose what is happening in the West if it were happening in their own homelands and rightly so, but European opposition to it in the West is condemned as being the height of moral bankruptcy and a collective moral indictment is passed on all Europeans who reject their racial and cultural dispossession. This is the true devious nature of the anti-European anti-Western agenda.

These different non-European groups imported into the West en-masse coalesce around each other to form their own communities within the UK and other nations. From here they consolidate and expand transforming entire areas into something that resembles their own national, racial and cultural origins. Religious buildings that represent their community appear, shops change to provide for the local non-British community, and the host population feeling alienated move out to areas that are populated by people with their own racial and cultural identity. This is entirely normal.

The entire character of these non-European non-British communities is alien to the British way of life, yet this non-European non-British Nativism is supported, promoted and financed by the globalist establishment and so-called ‘anti-racist’ groups and is celebrated as ‘multiculturalism’ and ‘enrichment.’ Whilst the indigenous white population celebrating their own identity and culture is frowned upon, the different non-white groups are encouraged to celebrate their culture, traditions and identity and are actively encouraged to oppose the host population if it dares to assert its own interests.

When whites in the UK or anywhere else Nativistically state that mass immigration and forced multiculturalism are not in their long-term interests as a group, then this is said to be racist, but at the same time, the emerging and soon to be new demographic majorities are never criticised for wanting to maintain their own identity and culture. This suggests that multiculturalism is an anti-indigenous anti-white agenda imposed by a hostile elite from the top down and which is supported by groups who claim to ‘oppose racism.’

This is why European Nativism amongst the different European national groups is so important, because those very same enemies of European identity are the law makers and policy makers who occupy the halls of power in Western nations. If Europeans don’t adhere to the very first law of nature as mentioned above, then we will allow ourselves to be destroyed as a group in the lands that our forefathers had tread for millennia and which they had bled and died to protect. We will lose what generation after generation for thousands of years have bestowed to us, yet on current trends we are set to see it all disappear in just a few generations due to an insane, self-defeating and unnatural belief and faith in the diversity decpetion.