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Winning the Hearts and Minds of Our People

Originally posted September 2016

In any political struggle, it is the message that can capture the hearts and minds of the masses that will eventually prevail.  People are always more likely to embrace a message that they can resonate with and which appeals to them not just in a practical way, but in a logical and emotional way. 

We as Nationalists are trying to sell our people a message, essentially we are advertising through our activism the message we wish them to embrace. Just as with any other advertising strategy you want your target audience to be impressed with what they see, otherwise they are less likely to embrace it and will seek an alternative. The same is true of companies selling products, they attempt to capture the hearts and minds of the consumer and in a political sense Nationalism is no different. 

It is for this very reason that Nationalism must become the political message that portrays respectability and a faustian commitment to the people of the nation and their long-term betterment, prosperity and security. We want our people to know that when they see or hear a Nationalist message that they can be sure that what they are being sold is in their best interests and in the best interests of their children. 

You have to understand the psychological underpinning of the mind of masses of people. Everyone wants to be told that they are going to benefit from something, they want to gain in some way from anything they invest into whether it be a business venture or a political message. If our people believe they are going to gain something from investing their trust and support in the Nationalist message then we stand half a chance of achieving political success. We are selling them an idea that they have been told for decades is a negative and which is the cause of racism, war and anti-semitism. This perception of Nationalism which has been drummed into our people by the hidden hand that manipulates their minds, is what we are fighting against. Until we banish that stereotype then we are always going to be fighting an uphill battle as the masses lap up the media portrayl of what they say Nationalism is. 

Anything we do to enhance that negative stereotype only serves to harm our message our cause and it actually turns our people away. 

The media and the establishment love nothing more than Nationalists falling on the sword that they have provided them. What they really fear is the Nationalism that can think, the Nationalism that can articulate a message and which can resonate with a public intrigued by the tenacious and unwavering character of the Nationalist who speaks the truth to them. 

It is the individual presenting a message in the correct way that will win over our people. How many times do you hear people talk about corruption in politics and how politicians are all the same? 

Your bought and paid for whores of international finance who walk the halls of power are never going to command the respect of the people, because they cannot relate to them and they are seen as being disingenuous self-interested frauds. Nationalists have to be the ones to present a real face to politics, dealing with issues that matter to real people. 

If we are going to take back our nations from the corruption that poisons them then we must become a viable option, a real alternative to what is currently on offer. 

A quote that perfectly sums up what i am trying to get across is the following:

“Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.” 

– Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Nationalists have to learn to win the hearts of minds of our people first before we ever think about taking on the enemies of our people. At present they have been co-opted by the establishment and turned against us. 

They see Nationalism as their enemy when it is their saviour. Until we get them onside then all else is fruitless. 

Until there is a sizeable support base for our message then nothing can be done to change the course we are on. To achieve that support we must win over our people through common sense, logical and factual arguments presented in a way that they will understand. Only when we have the mass support needed to effect change can we begin the process of change. 

Those who demonise Nationalism at every opportunity know that if public opinion diverges from the establishment narrative and towards Nationalism, then the very system that their lies are built upon would be vulnerable to absolute collapse. What they fear most are the people, they fear their ability to think freely, they fear their ability to digest truth when it is presented to them and it is for those reasons that they have to control the flow of information the public receives. Anything else threatens their hegemonic control over public opinion. 

A favourite tactic of the military when operating in foreign nations is to try and win the hearts and minds of the local populace. This is to let them know that they are not the enemy and that they are there for their benefit. This is what Nationalists need to do, not in foreign nations, but in our own. We have to let our people know that we and only we, are on their side. We have to let them know and help them understand that we are not their enemy. They have to look at us and say to each other that we are working for them. We have to be seen to be genuine and different from the political class that has so dispicably let them down for generations. We have to engage with them on their level, they don’t understand in depth what many Nationalists know instinctively and neither should we expect them to. 

Without large-scale support for the Nationalist message then we are going nowhere fast. We have seen what such support can achieve if mobilised correctly. Look at the Brexit vote, 17 million people voted for a core Nationalist policy which was to leave the European Union. In Germany, Austria, France, Holland and even the US, it is Nationalistic arguments that are turning the tide in our favour. This is because people are now starting to see the integrity and validity of the Nationalist message. 

When the people are on our side they will march in step with us towards the rebirth of our nations and emancipation from the criminal globalist elite.