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Cultural Marxism & Capitalism

‘Cultural Capitalism’ if we are to give any modicum of legitimacy to the term, can be defined simply as global capitalist brands capitulaitng to the whims and pressures of their consumer base many of whom have been poisoned with Cultural Marxism not through Capitalism, but through leftist dominated academic and cultural institutions and who now demand and expect that these global brands not only adhere to Cultural Marxist dogma, but relentlessly promote it.

Capitalists are motivated by one thing above all else and that is profit. Nothing is as important to a Capitalist as his profit margins and if promoting degenerate and destructive agendas helps to increase that profit then there isn’t a Capitalist alive that wouldn’t engage in the promotion of such harmful ideas.

The impending demographic catastrophe which awaits the West in which whites become a minority is of no interest to the Capitalist when he can profit from the mass importation of low wage earning workers from the third-world. The collapse of the nuclear family is of no concern to the Capitalist so long as those people who were once part of a nuclear family continue to consume their products and the same goes for the collapse of traditional marriage, the collapse of the moral order, of tradition and of society and civilisation in general. The Capitalist does not care. He does not care that he embraces what are fundamentally Cultural Marxist ideas, he will jump on board whatever ship leads to the oceans of increased profit regardless of whether the civilisation in which he exists collapses.

Capitalism is now a mere bedfellow of Cultural Marxism, it isn’t the driving force behind it. It simply adopts the slogans and the memes of the Cultural Marxists because they know that any opposition to these subversive agendas would likely see calls to boycott their brands, protests and negative media attention which results in bad publicity and decreased profits. Again this is because their sole motivation is to see their wealth increase and they would sacrifice anything and everything to achieve it. They have no moral or idealistic compass in this regard.

The idea that Capitalism is the driving force behind the degeneracy we see is way off the mark. Capitalists don’t have time for radical activism and for using subversion to achieve ideological goals. They simply go along with whatever is the slogan of the day or whatever is the ‘civil rights’ or ‘social justice’ campaign of the time. They go along with it for a peaceful life so as to not antagonise the eternally offended zombies on the left and to make money. They don’t have time for fending off accusations from social justice warriors when they have products that need selling. They aqcuiesce to the prevailing zeitgeist of the time. Capitalists are not ideologically motivated, they’re economically motivated.

If in ten years time there is a renaissance in the West and Nationalism helps to inspire a rebirth of the moral order, a reverence for traditional marriage, an awakened racial consciousness amongst our people and the nuclear family became strong once again as the Cultural Marxists wilted away into insignificance then you would see Capitalists jump onboard with Nationalism because they have no moral conscience or ideological integrity. Long before the nefarious advent of Cultural Marxism in our societies the Capitalists existed in a world in which identity, the family, traditions and morality were at the core of those societies and they thrived every bit as much then as they do now.

The difference between the ideologically motivated Cultural Marxist and the profit obsessed Capitalist, is that the Capitalist will change his stance like the wind depending on what the dominant dogma of the day is. At the present time we live in an era in which Cultural Marxism dominates the narrative through its control of all avenues of public influence. The media and academia being two such avenues of influence. Any Capitalist brand that were to buck the trend and go against Cultural Marxist demands would have the full force of the repressive tolerance brigade brought down upon them. The Capitalist knows this and so essentially play ball and seeks to be viewed as being a pioneer of social conscience and tolerance.

Whenever we see public disorder in our big towns and cities – which is almost always caused by leftist groups pushing Cultural Marxist ideas – then we see these Capitalist brands pathetically appeasing them even though their stores are looted and burned to the ground. It is a glaring example of no matter how much they try and appease the leftist mob they will always come under attack in the end as the leftist mob views them as being part of the Capitalist society they hate and seek to bring down whether they pretend to be tolerant and socially liberal or not. This is probably the most poignant and salient point in relation to the the topic at hand. Capitalists are not going to lead an ideology which pursues and promotes its downfall. Conversely however, Capitalism will attempt to pacify the left through adopting the symbology and slogans that they use in a campaign of appeasement.

Essentially what is termed ‘Cultural Capitalism’ is nothing more than the widespread virtue signalling and appeasement of the left and their intimidating and violent ways. Capitalists care as much for the doctrine of ‘equality’ and ‘social justice’ as they do for the demographic future of the West. The Capitalist goes along with the downfall of the West because it matters not to him so long as his profiteering isn’t impacted.

Capitalists also see in Cultural Marxism an opportunity to further increase their profits. Cultural Marxism and the consumerism of the masses go hand in hand for the Capitalist. The nihilistic consumer zombie bereft of loyalty to or reverence for anything but who consumes incessantly is the perfect cash cow for them.

I don’t necessarily see identity, morality traditions and culture as being barriers to commodification. As stated earlier there was a time before rampant Cultural Marxism when Capitalists were doing just very well for themselves. The downfall of the family, the eradication of identity and of morality will not harm Capitalism and so yes they would go along with the agenda which vehemently promotes this, but I don’t see Capitalism as being the driving force of it but more of a willing and complicit fellow traveller. In our academic institutions which churn out millions of brainwashed Cultural Marxists, you don’t see Capitalists doing the brainwashing. Capitalists don’t dominate these places of academic subversion. If our education facilities across the Western world were free of Cultural Marxism and its destructive influence then I don’t see Capitalism as some stand alone ideology promoting these Cultural Marxist strategies of national, cultural and racial decomposition.

Lastly, at the highest levels of Capitalism it is the same small rootless international clique that dominates and so it isn’t really surprising that these major Capitalist brands have jumped on the Cultural Marxist bandwagon.