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‘Diversity’ built Britain, apparently

The onslaught of anti-white propaganda just never let’s up does it. The desperation of those snake oiled diversity salesmen in the political and media establishment is so transparent. They are now so desperate to maintain the fallacy of ‘diversity being a strength’ that they have concocted a laughable and extremely weak attempt to present ‘diversity’ as being the builder of Britain. I know, it’s one of those eye rolling moments, yet more PC nonsense, however there is something much more sinister behind this.

Over 2 million 50p coins are to be entered into circulation emblazoned with the Orwellian Newspeak slogan: ‘Diversity Built Britain’ which is meant to infer that ‘ethnic minorities’ have played a pivotal role in building Britain as we once knew it. Laughable of course, however they really do want people to fall for this nonsense.

It is simply yet another attempt at re-writing the history of Britain and her people and shamelessly disregards the amazing and unique achievements of white people in building their own nations and civilisations not just in Britain but across the world. Now we are supposed to believe that it wasn’t our white ancestors who built our homelands, our ancestors who toiled and struggled to build the civilisation that became the envy of the world, no we are now expected to believe that it was down to the enriching influence of good old diversity and the presence of those non-whites who apparently we couldn’t live without.

So the story goes, if it wasn’t for their presence then we would all no doubt have been living a depressing existence in the pits of hell with no culture or civilisation to speak of. We must therefore be eternally grateful to our ethnic minority civilisation builders. Just how gullible do they think we are?

The left, the media and their Globalist masters will do anything to present civilisation destroying diversity in positive terms but the average man and woman on the street can see perfectly well what diversity has done to Britain and not many would describe its influence in anything resembling positive terms. They have first hand experience of it. They have seen it up close and personal. They know it’s true nature and the true nature of those who lie and manipulate in order to make something so horrendous seem so good. They have had to live with the impact it has had on their lives and the lives of their loved ones.

What is striking about the pathetic attempts by the left to defend this idiotic portrayal of British history is their reference to the Romans, the Irish, the Vikings and Germans etc as being some sort of vindication of the success of diversity in Britain. Ironically ofcourse they’re referring to white populations who have made an impact on British history, culture and civilisation and you will not find a single Nationalist alive who would deny this wonderful influence of white people from across Europe upon the British isles. It is similar to America in the sense that America was built by many different white populations from across Europe. America was built by the craftsmanship, tenacity and ingenuity of the European and not by the post-1965 influx of the third-world.

Many attempts have been made to mislead the British public before in relation to what is termed ‘diversity.’ Many books have been written, many documentaries have been made, but the British people are not stupid. They live with the reality that diversity brings to their communities on a daily basis. Grooming gangs, terrorism, crime and no go areas. The majority don’t fall for the pro-diversity spin spewed out by the Globalist hawks and their minions when they have lived experience of it. The politicians don’t live amongst diversity. It isn’t their daughters being groomed raped and murdered. It isn’t their sons and daughters becoming the victims of diversity crime. It isn’t their children being blown up in music venues. And yet they have the audacity to try and tell us the people of Britain that ‘diversity’ built our great nation.

Diversity is not building Britain and nor has it ever. It’s purpose is to knock Britain down, to deconstruct British history, culture and ethnic identity. It is clear to see the vast problems that diversity has brought to our homeland. We see it everywhere and even those who don’t like to openly admit it can see it. It is impossible not to see it. Even the ideologically motivated deceivers couldn’t possibly not see it, but they see its use as a revolutionary tool of deconstruction and so wax lyrical about it praising it from the rooftops of societal collapse in the hope that the general public are led down the wrong path of consciousness.

History will vindicate all of those who have warned about the perilous nature of diversity. Have we not already seen the blatantly obvious dangers that it brings? How many more examples do people need? How much more proof? How many more lives?

Diversity is not a nation builder, it is the wrecking ball of demolition which brings nations down and which is used by a sinister Globalist elite.