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Islamic Terrorism are Acts of War

Another day and yet another Islamic terrorist attack in France. Three people have been killed in Nice reportedly beheaded by a Tunisian migrant. This attack coming less than 2 weeks after a teacher was beheaded in Paris for showing images of the prophet Muhammed. There was also another attempted attack in Avignon which was thwarted by police.

These aren’t just random acts of violence carried out by mentally unstable people and they aren’t just the acts of lone individuals. These attacks are an act of war, a declaration of Jihad against France and the West in general. They are an act of Islamic dominance over those whom they live amongst. A bloody statement of intent which says that they will not tolerate freedom of speech or criticism of their religion or prophet and will carry out the most gruesome of punishments for those who transgress from that demand.

Their acts come from and are justified by their religious texts which commands them to behave in such a way. They have a motivation which is at the core of their ideological religion and which compels them to kill the unbeliever and especially the unbeliever who mocks their prophet. This is a perfect example of the incompatibility of Islam and the West.

With each new attack the alarm bells should be ringing for the people of France and Europe as a whole. What we are seeing is the inevitable clash of civilisations and the result of Globalist demographic terrorism against the people of Europe over the last half a century. These incidents won’t stop, they will forever be part of the new Europe that they have created and which they have demanded you accept.

Islam will continue to expand in the West and is being facilitated by the very people telling you that it is a religion of peace and that diversity is your greatest strength. As France falls deeper into the demographic abyss these incidents will increase in regularity and severity.

Marseille MP Said Ahamada, said that: ‘These Islamist terrorists will not have the war of civilisation that they seek.’ However state enforcement of multiculturalism and the facilitation of the replacement of the native French population will ensure that this does happen. They have created a nightmare which will one day become a living reality. Not because it is desired, nobody wants our children to inherit this dystopian future except the left, but because it will be the result of mother natures fury at our failure to adhere to her principles and immutable laws. Coexistence is impossible on such a scale as we are seeing across Europe and the West. It will lead to conflict and chaos.

There have been many hundreds of deaths (767) across Europe since 1994 as a result of Islamic terrorism along with many thousands (5419) injured. That suggests their is something much more dangerous underpinning what we have seen. Those numbers suggest a war is being waged against us. Many terror attacks have been foiled and so those numbers could so easily have been much much higher.

This beldam is when Islam and Muslims are still a minority in our lands. There will be no peaceful coexistence and it’s about time people realised it for the sake of their childrens future. The volatile presence of such a religious doctrine in our lands which has over the centuries attempted to conquer Europe by force of arms is a recipe for catastrophe. There is a history not known by many of the repeated attempts at the conquest of Europe by the sword. Yet in the modern era the conquest is being facilitated by a Globalist establishment and the leftist traitors under the banner of diversity and multiculturalism.

Islam is part of a wider mass immigration issue which has been brought to Europe and the West in order to facilitate the downfall of Western civilisation. The carnage we have seen on the streets of France and in other European countries is just the beginning. Forget about the supposed ‘Covid-19’ this is the new normal that you are expected to accept and it will have much more serious long-term consequences for the future of Europe.