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Marxism & Race – The New Strategy of Deconstruction

The large presence in any country of a population imbued with a sense of historical grievance against the host society results in exactly what we are seeing across the West today especially in America where the race grievance industry has wrought chaos and destruction across the country. What we are witnessing is a militant Marxist inspired insurrection designed to create crippling chaos that weakens the established order.

This was always the intention of the Communisitc left who are using black people and other immigrant and designated victim groups as their weapon of choice to wage their revolutionary uprising against the West and against white people. They do this because the white working class across Western nations had rejected their unnatural ideological prophecies and explanations for societal ills thereby becoming in the minds of leftist ideologues ‘devoid of class consciousness’ and in need of replacement. They were said to be ‘unreliable revolutionaries’ due to the influence that Western culture had upon them. Hence the all-out demographic, cultural and psychological assault upon our people via a subversive pestilence spread by the purveyors of anti-white and anti-Western hatred.

When you have large numbers of racially, culturally and religiously divergent groups within any given society, then there can be no peace and harmony in such an environment. It is utopian wishful thinking to believe otherwise. These groups will always rebel against the host society – and eventually against each other – and will always demand more and more concessions until such a time as they’re a large enough percentage of the population to dictate how things are to be rather than rioting looting and murdering to achieve their aims. What they seek is power to enact their Communistic agenda and work towards that through the deconstruction of society along racial lines. They will ceaselessly agitate for their own interests and will be aided and abetted by the left who see them as being change agents of revolution.

The only outcome of such an unnatural situation is eventual tension and conflict. However the left who throw fuel onto this fire, want the people of Western nations to believe that this situation is necessary because of ‘systemic racism’ and that all would be well but for this ‘pervasive institutional and systemic racism.’ They want you to believe that we can live in some sort of post-racial utopia in which white identity no longer exists and that the demographic state of your nation today is something to be cherished and embraced. If only we eradicate this ‘white racism’ we will all live happily ever after they suggest. Completely ignoring and denying that the tribalism of human nature means this will never happen. They want whites to give up our ancestral homelands and want us to smile as we do it. They want us to grovel about historical wrongdoings as if we whites are the only group to have have committed wrongdoings throughout history. They want you to believe that we live in some horrendously racist society that needs to be totally deconstructed for this post-racial utopia to prosper. What they actually want, is the fall of white Western Civilisation in the pursuit of their own Communisitc revolution and they use race and their anti-white dialectics to achieve it.

The left have nurtured and utilised the natural conflictory nature of race to advance their ideological goals. They have weaponised non-whites against white society using the grievance industry to instil anger into them which results in a revolutionary fervour that the left controls, manipulates and directs. The left often accuse Nationalists of being obsessed with race, yet the left are the literal epitome of obsessed when it comes to race. Nationalists see race as being something to cherish and preserve, whereas the left see race as something to be used to destroy the white race.

The left see race through the prism of a Marxist tool of deconstruction which aims to dismantle what they call the ‘white power structure’ which is a major revolutionary goal of the left. They know full well that there is no such thing as a ‘white power structure,’ and that there exists only an anti-white power structure. However this doesn’t stop them from propagating the myth that whites at the highest levels of society including the government, media and finance are operating in the best interests of whites when the exact opposite is clearly the case. It would take for someone to be severely cognitively polluted to fall for the idea that we live in some sort of pro-white society and that we are governed by people with the best interests of whites as their motivation. Take a walk around London, Paris, Brussels or any major Western city to see this supposed ‘white power structure’ in action. It is beyond ridiculous to think that the multiracial societies which have been created by the ‘white power structure’ are to the benefit of whites.

The extreme left who occupy our academic institutions employ a dialectial strategy known as Critical Race Theory (CRT) to achieve their racially motivated objectives. CRT is an extension of the Frankfurt School inspired Critical Theory which aims at the relentless criticism of Western Civilisation in order to deconstruct it. CRT therefore, is the relentless criticism of the white race and their building of Western Civilisation. It is an exclusively Marxist concept which eminated from the main theorists operating out of the Frankfurt School and later from Colombia university in America.

CRT posits the idea that we live in an inherently racist society in which whites benefit in every way possible to the detriment of non-whites and especially black people. Again, this is clearly ludicrous when you consider that blacks in Western nations are probably some of the most affluent and well-off blacks in the world. Unless ofcourse there is a new definition of poverty and oppression which includes the possession of the latest mobile phones, the latest trainers and housing which most Africans in Africa could only dream of. Nothing suggests an oppressed minority more than mobs of well dressed iphone carrying rioters burning and looting towns and cities. Behaviour which in Africa and many other third-world locations would likely result in them being gunned down by the state. In the West however, their right to protest is enshrined in law, but oppression to the left and their minions across the West means incidents in which criminals get into confrontation with the police and end up dying for one reason or another. These criminals are then presented as being martyrs of the ‘oppressed.’ The left use these incidents to foment racial grievance and elevate criminals to accelerate their revolutionary fire.

I often laugh to myself when I see multi-millionaire black sports personalities ‘taking the knee’ with their virtue signalling black power salutes. These people are a prime example of the fact that we live in anything but a white supremacist racist society. In fact it’s quite the opposite. In what sort of white supremacist society would a full blood African be allowed to become a millionaire through the sporting industry in which whites are predominantly responsible for them becoming extremely wealthy?

Marxists speak of race in terms of class unity and proclaim that race is an irrelevance whilst class identity is paramount. Whether white or black the narrative goes, we are all of the same class and the capitalist class is the enemy. Many amongst the white working class fall for this false narrative failing to see the importance of their own collective interests as a race and how they are being incessantly demonised as a group and that their very existence is denied in the process of an aggressive demographic transformation. They attack the white race as being some uniquely and innately racist collective responsible for all of the worlds ills. It is a conscious white identity they say which results in racial oppression, and so consequently any manifestation of a conscious white identity must be suppressed at all costs. What must be remembered here is that the left are nihilistic internationalist no-border activists and see racial consciousness as a barrier to their objectives which is why they relentlessly attack any manifestation of white racial consciousness. The left are deviously both for and against identity. They are against your identity as a white person and will deny you your rights as a white person and they will physically oppose you if you dare try and pursue those interests but they will actively encourage, promote and participate in the identity politics of blacks and all other victim groups to deconstruct your white identity.

The left claim that in capitalist societies racism predominates everywhere and that ergo non-whites suffer. It is the perpetuation of racial strife and grievance that adds fuel to Cultural Marxist fire which is engulfing the West. The left ignores the generational suffering experienced by the white working class, but want to speak about the racial aspect of the ‘poor downtrodden and oppressed’ non-white groups within capitalist societies. They want whites to believe that they don’t exist as a race, and that blacks and other assorted non-white groups are their class allies, but that as whites they are also expected to believe that they are somehow privileged and benefit from a supposed ‘white power structure’ which actually works towards the total dispossession of whites everywhere. As was said earlier, that whites still fall for this deceptive Marxist narrative is a sad reflection of how deeply our people have been psychologically subverted by the left.

The very idea that whites as a group use racism against non-whites in historically white nations to gain some sort of advantage is ridiculous in the extreme. CRT theorists promote the idea that white people use the ‘socially constructed’ idea of race to further their own economic and political interests at the expense of non-whites. The question has to be asked therefore, why would a supposedly pro-white power structure import millions upon millions of high birthrate non-whites into our lands engineering us into the minority in our own ancestral homelands if their motivation was to secure the economic and political interests of whites as a group? The absurdity of such a claim is blatantly obvious for anyone with the ability to critically analyse the situation for themselves. When we become the minority in our own lands will our future generations of whites be economically and politically better off as a result of being a minority as CRT suggests? Of course not. This alone should be enough for anyone to see through the deceptive narrative of leftist anti-white discourse. What CRT is, is a tool in the hands of dangerous academics who are ideologically committed to the destruction of whites as a group and who are determined to see the West fall and it must be rejected by whites everywhere. It is a poisonous method of anti-white indoctrination which insidiously inspires whites to facilitate their own demise.

Everything that is transpiring across the West today is the result of Cultural Marxism having been allowed to run rampant and unopposed through our institutions. CRT is but one aspect of this noxious ideological poison cascading through our civilisation and which presents itself in positive terms but which is deeply destructive. No healthy and self-aware group would allow such a self-defeating narrative to be perpetuated against them let alone promote it. That it exists at the very core of our academic institutions with its infectious psychological poison dripping out of every orafice is proof of the fact that at present our people are not a healthy self-aware collective and why we are heading towards our racial and civilisational collapse.

Marxists use race not for equality and not for the betterment of their designated victim groups, they use it to attack white people and to instil into them a false guilt which they hope nullifies any thoughts of an acknowledgment of whites having interests as whites. The Marxist essentially beats the white race with a stick keeping it cowering and unable to defend itself as it holds the door open for non-whites to stampede through trampling all over you. As the Marxist does this he calls you a racist, a bigot, a hater and a Nazi. You have no redeemable qualities as a white person to the Marxist. He then tells you that only he represents you but that you must not identify as a white person and only as a raceless indentity bereft conformist otherwise out comes the stick again. The white working class for decades have suffered from a collective and widespread Stockholm Syndrome in which they come to revere the very ideological protestations of those who claim to stand up for them, but who actually despise them and work towards their total dispossession.

Once the white working class realise this and only when the white working class realise and understand this can effective change begin to take place. Only when whites in the academic institutions refuse to allow themselves to be infected with this CRT Marxist disease will it become ineffective in furthering our racial demise. Only when the fraudulent narrative that is class politics which is perpetuated by the left is seen for what it is will the grip the Marxists have over us be weakened and removed. Class politics which have now had the anti-white racial aspect thrown in are the tool with which the Marxist divides a nation and its people with the goal of bringing the Nation down. A unified Nation with a unified people is a barrier to Marxism which is why they seek to divide a nations people along class lines and now also use race to weaken the majority racial populations of Western nations and have simultaneously told the white working class that their only enemies are the capitalist class and that the millions of non-whites replacing them are their class allies.

Nationalism would unite a nations people and would remove class distinctions. It would ensure that a nations workers were treated with the same dignity and respect as employers because in a Nationalist society each member of society is important in the maintenance of a healthy and well functioning system. There would be no need for class antagonisms to arise in a Nationalist society. Everyone would be striving towards the same goal of creating the safest, most prosperous and healthy place for our future generations to live and thrive in. Nationalists would strive to impart to future generations a society with no racial or class strife whereas the Marxists who are the most despicable of nihilists want to create racial and class chaos in order to bring down the nation.

Marxists and their Globalist overlords foment societal and civilisational chaos through the creation of naturally divisive multicultural/multiracial societies. They thrive off conflict and see it as being part of their process of dialectical deconstruction which basically means the creation of conflict to achieve a predetermined outcome. It is at the very core of their ideological modus operandi and in this regard whites are currently being played like a fiddle. Whites who have fallen for this Marxist spiel are playing their part in the process of their own destruction. They are engaging in the very actions which the Marxists have designated as being in their interests when what they’re actually doing is facilitating their own downfall as a group.

The Marxist has convinced whites that their enemies are fellow whites who just so happen a little richer or who happen to employ them and that the pursuit of the downfall of the established order is a righteous and moral crusade that is in their interests as a class of people. This is completely detrimental to the interests of whites as a group and this is one of the main aims the CRT Marxists who want create racial disharmony and disunity amongst whites.

None of what has been said thus far means that dishonest and unscrupulous employers and business leaders would be allowed to continue to exploit people in the pursuit of profit maximisation. Nationalism would ensure the regulation of worker employee relations and would enforce adherence to a code of conduct which ensures the rights of workers and which encourages the removal of class distinctions for national comradeship. We all rely on each other, the nation relies on us all and more importantly our future generations relies upon the mutual cooperation of everyone to ensure that the society which they are left with is one that is bonded together through a shared identity, shared heritage, shared goals and a shared sense of kinship.

The continuance and propagation of class conflict is completely injurious to the best interests of a nation and its people in the long-term. It is a divide and conquer technique employed by the Marxists which Nationalists oppose. Nationalism stands for strength through unity, Marxism stands for national disintegration through deracinated disunity and fractured relations between a nations populace.

In conclusion, the use of race as a tool of deconstruction has been a hallmark of the Cultural Marxists strategical approach towards bringing down the West. CRT is a key factor in this strategy as is the mass non-white immigration we have seen over the last 40 years and more.

The desired outcome of mass immigration, CRT, political correctness and the implementation of race legislation is to weaken whites in their own homelands and engineer us into a minority so we can no longer effectively rise up in our own interests. It has been to poison the minds of our people against ourselves through the dissemination of anti-white propaganda through our academic institutions. It has been to create self-censorship amongst our people and to create an environment of moral shame brought down upon those who do speak out. It has been to imbue whites with false guilt which in turn creates an ethnomasochistic self-flaggelation amongst those infected with the CRT poison. It has also been to imprison through race hate laws those who represent a genuine threat to the narrative of ‘diversity being a strength.’

The weaponisation of race by the left is a tactical ploy to achieve ideological and revolutionary hegemony and to advance their subversive insurrectionary goals. Whites need to understand this and must reject the false theories of the CRT activists and the purveyors of the myth of white privilege. They must avoid becoming cognitive conformists to the prevailing anti-white zeitgeist and must inform fellow whites about what they know to be true. It is upon all of those who are aware of this reality to impart our knowledge to others so that our people may begin to see the reason why our nations and civilisation are in such a perilous situation and which has been totally by design to facilitate our collective demise.