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The Affirmation of Our Own Identity is a Must for Our Long-Term Survival

Every people has a right to affirm its own identity and to pursue their own interests specific to them as a group. It isn’t immoral, evil or ‘racist’ to acknowledge the fundamental rights of every group which are the inalienable right to self-determination and to live freely from the tyranny of Globalist inspired demographic replacement. All people’s across all ages and places have understood the natural necessity of affirming the identity of and best interests of their own group. To do otherwise would be to leave the group vulnerable to all manner of dangers.

From one end of the planet to the other, different groups thoroughly understand who they are, they understand that territory and the continuity and security of the group is paramount to their own survival. However one group of people seem to have forgotten this natural requirement for self-preservation. The European people have been imbued with a pestilent falsehood about themselves. They have been told that they are inherently evil as a group, that they have no rights, no redeemable qualities and worst of all the belief that they don’t exist which leads to the abandonment of any sense of group responsibility let alone any sense of a group identity.

This has been by design of course and isn’t just a spontaneous manifestation of European weakness. This has been decades in the making as Europeans have been drip fed these noxious ideas about their own history and their own self-worth through an infiltrated and subverted society dominated by our enemies and which uses the organs of propaganda to poison the collective European mind against itself.

It has been a concerted and conscious effort to weaken and corrupt the European spirt and psyche in order that we aqcuiesce to our own demise. Never before in history has a group of people been so apathetic to it’s own ongoing destruction and in many cases supporting and facilitating it. Never before has a group of people been complicit in it’s own destruction. Never before has a group of people allowed it’s ancestors, history and their present existence as part of that group to be defiled by the enemies of our people in such a manner. Never before have members of an out-group been allowed to roam freely into another groups territory to settle without opposition and certainly not in the numbers presently seen in Europe and across the West. This has happened only because collectively we have lost that sense of who we are and no longer see ourselves as part of a group in a constant struggle for group survival with our own interests being neglected to the point of suicide. Consequently we will – unless circumstances change drastically – succumb to the iron laws of nature for failure to adhere to the natural laws of survival.

Before we can begin the process of affirming our own identity and our own right to self-determination and continuity as an identifiable group, we must begin to reject the toxic ideas that are being disseminated amongst our people. We have to come to view our history, our ancestors and our very existence in positive terms instead of negative and we must inculcate and impart a message of hope and pride in our youth instead of allowing them to become victims of the psychological abuse perpetrated on them through the agenda driven education system.

We have to learn to love and respect ourselves once again and must refuse to let others create our own view of ourselves and our history especially when these people have nothing but malevolent and malicious intentions towards us. We must acknowledge the achievements, suffering and toil of our ancestors who pioneered so much that we all benefit from today. We must never apologise for who we are or for our ancestors. We have nothing to apologise for or to feel shame for. We are the heirs to the achievements born out of the sacrifices of our forebears and we owe to them an incalculable debt of gratitude. All peoples have a history that contains elements of wrongdoing, it is not unique or inherent to white people. We must not allow ourselves to fall on the sword of induced self-guilt believing that we deserve what is happening. We must affirm in the strongest possible terms our right to exist as part of a group in our own ancestral homelands and we must reject completely the nefarious Cultural Marxist and Globalist agenda that seeks our downfall.